Sports Heroes and Legends

Capture any sports-fan’s attention with these in-depth biographies of some of the hottest sports stars of all time. Packed with statistics, game descriptions and quotes from the star and teammates, these books follow the athletes from their childhood to the peak of their career.

Cover: Derek Jeter, 2nd Edition
Cover: Mickey Mantle, 2nd Edition
Cover: Tony Dungy, 2nd Edition
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Peyton Manning, 2nd Edition
Roberto Clemente, 2nd Edition
Sandy Koufax, 2nd Edition
Sasha Cohen, 2nd Edition
Tiger Woods, 2nd Edition
Tim Duncan, 2nd Edition
Tom Brady, 2nd Edition
Tony Dungy, 2nd Edition
Wayne Gretzky
Willie Mays
Wilma Rudolph, 2nd Edition
Wilt Chamberlain
Yao Ming, 2nd Edition
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