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“Approachable and educational, with the energy of an after-school special.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Stuck with You

Stuck with You

“An adorable romance with strong coming-of-age elements.”—Kirkus Reviews View →


“Levy artfully folds serious personal and parental issues into his less-than-serious round of chases, narrow squeaks, team building, and . . . space battles on the way to a happy resolution and a delayed but properly heartwarming eighth grade graduation ceremony.”—Kirkus… View →


“Not a standout but does have a ready-made audience.”—Kirkus Reviews View →


“The novel does a wonderful job of normalizing opening up and using counseling services, especially for boys and young men who often feel that they have to bottle up their emotions. A sincere, inspiring look at dealing with and overcoming self-doubt, ideal for reluctant… View →


“Youngsters who dive headfirst into imaginative play will find kinship with these two venturesome pals. A small bit of fun that just may inspire a bathtub boat of one’s own.”—Kirkus Reviews View →


“With self-assured characters and snappy pacing, it’s a simple angling story that’s as streamlined and functional as a pair of underpants.”—Publishers Weekly View →

Cover: The Bodyguard Unit: Edith Garrud, Women's Suffrage, and Jujitsu

The Bodyguard Unit: Edith Garrud, Women's Suffrage, and Jujitsu

“Engaging feminist history attractively presented.” —Kirkus Reviews View →


“This title, as well as all the titles in this series, would be a wonderful addition to elementary school libraries and classroom collections, as well as STEM labs! Reviewer Rating: 4”—Children’s Literature View →


“Offers direct, clear, useful, and possibly lifesaving information to teens.”—Kirkus Reviews View →


“Nie Jun’s striking gray washes and warm watercolors add to the story’s serious and humorous beats; but more so, they once again invite readers to delve into a unique, dreamy fantasy world ripe with redemption arcs and its own mythology.”—Booklist View →


“[E]njoy this delightful book not only in the summer but year round.”—starred, Booklist View →


“A heart-warming story with many lessons about taking responsibility for attaining what you most desire, even in the face of setbacks. Reviewer Rating: 5” —Children’s Literature View →


“Evans’s warm digital renderings showcase the loving relationship between parents and child. Celebratory concluding scenes in the cozy fort successfully emphasize the value of family support in making dreams come true.”—Publishers Weekly View →


“Hawkins’s rhythmic prose highlights the feelings and ideas that compel Mommy to march, and concluding pages make clear that her actions, like those of her mother and grandmother before her, succeed at inspiring both her child and her community.”—Publishers Weekly View →


“. . . ©aptivating text, ideal for reading aloud. . .”—The New York Times View →

Cover: The Big Backyard: The Solar System beyond Pluto

The Big Backyard: The Solar System beyond Pluto

“Hugo award-winning author and illustrator Miller brings his experience illustrating for NASA to this engaging book, taking curious readers on a fact-filled tour of the outer reaches of our solar system. . . . packed with information but also thoroughly… View →


“An excellent choice for those interested in military or Puerto Rican history; a great pick for U.S. history courses or research.”—starred, School Library Journal View →


“Full of heart and gentle humor, Panda and Squirrel are sure to please.”—Booklist View →


“Page layouts are designed to first hint at the featured adaptation. When the page is turned, an intriguing body part is revealed, accompanied by an accessible explanation of how that part is used by the animal to eat, maneuver, defend, or attack.”—The Horn Book Magazine View →


“This story is a must-read for educators to use in talking with kids about how jealousy can lead to poor behavior but making friends or joining a group can help alleviate feelings of loneliness. A good selection for a preschool or elementary classroom or library. Reviewer… View →

Cover: Enduro Racing: Rev It Up!

Enduro Racing: Rev It Up!

“Grab your goggles because the bikes blasting through the Lightning Bolt Books: Dirt Bike Zone series kick up some serious dirt.”—Booklist View →


“In Ketanji Brown Jackson, readers will encounter a person of quality whose groundbreaking appointment to her nation’s highest court is an inspirational story worth knowing about. Reviewer Rating: 4” –Children’s Literature View →


“This book, as well as all the books in this series would be a great addition to elementary school libraries and classrooms. Reviewer Rating: 4” –Children’s Literature View →