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Cover: Cows Go Boo!

Kirkus Reviews

“Plenty of opportunities for storytime jumps and laughs.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: The Wall and the Wild

Kirkus Reviews

“This meditation on biodiversity makes its point with grace.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: Hank Aaron: Home Run Hammer


“Young sports fans are sure to find plenty of information about their favorite players in the Epic Sports Bios series.”—Booklist

Cover: When Dogs Heal: Powerful Stories of People Living with HIV and the Dogs That Saved Them

People Magazine

“Take HIV/AIDS away from the book’s 36 first-person profiles, and it’s still a remarkable collection of stories about how pets, dogs in particular, can transform lives. But the resilience those particular stories convey is intentionally, inextricably linked to the sometimes deadly…

Cover: Brontë

School Library Journal Online

“An enjoyable peek into the Brontë sisters’ origin stories, an excellent choice for libraries seeking dynamic graphic novels spotlighting literary figures.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Brisket Helps Miryam with Online Learning

Kirkus Reviews

“For instructional, therapeutic reading, with a dog narrator as the spoonful of sugar.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean

School Library Journal

“[A]ims to inspire readers to take their own small steps to save ‘planet ocean’ . . . Libraries looking for newer titles on climate change will want to consider this one.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre

The New York Times Book Review

“These sensitively written, beautifully illustrated books restore this often-elided history while explaining the ensuing tragedy in a manner appropriate for children.”—New York Times Book Review

Cover: The Player

Kirkus Reviews

“Coccia scores with this gay athlete’s journey . . . Sweet heat melts the ice, and relationship woes guide growth.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: Open Secrets

Kirkus Reviews

“Though the story is engaging for reluctant readers, the way red flags and warning signs of predatory behavior are woven through the narrative is its greatest strength . . . An absorbing #MeToo story that will increase awareness.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: No Known Address

Kirkus Reviews

“A thought-provoking problem novel about a teen’s journey to find a safe place to call home.”—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: Spin Out

Kirkus Reviews

A solid, realistic reluctant reader title with an enticing video-game hook."—Kirkus Reviews

Cover: The Upside-Down Boy and the Israeli Prime Minister

Jewish Book Council

“This sto­ry is rec­om­mend­ed for its light­heart­ed approach to Israeli his­to­ry and society.” — Michal Hoschlander Malen, Jewish Book Council

Cover: Natan Sharansky: Freedom Fighter for Soviet Jews

Jewish Book Council

“The graph­ic nov­el for­mat makes it ful­ly acces­si­ble to young read­ers and gives the sto­ry the urgency it demands.”— Leslie Kimmelman, Jewish Book Council

Cover: Pablo

Foreword Reviews

“With a touch of color at its close, the book reminds children that, even as they grow and change, a piece of home is always with them.”—Foreword Reviews

Cover: No Way, They Were Gay?: Hidden Lives and Secret Loves

Publishers Weekly

“Using primary sources to frame an alternative historical narrative, and asking readers to form their own conclusions, Wind sets out to fill some of those gaps, focusing primarily on the same-sex relationships or nonbinary identities of 12 well-known public figures.”—Publishers…

Cover: The Singer and the Scientist

AJL Newsletter

“Without self-consciousness, The Singer and the Scientist recreates a time when these two communities worked together towards common goals.” — Marian Grann, retired teacher, co-author (with Janet Willen) of Five Thousand Years of Slavery and Speak a Word for Freedom: Women Against…

Cover: Beni's War

Historical Novel Society

“Stein’s story is not a coming-of-age story; it is a coming-together story.” — EDITOR’S CHOICE Melissa Warren, Historical Novel Society

Cover: Science and Me: Inspired by the Discoveries of Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine


“This eclectic collective biography of Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, and medicine is an excellent example of how a little creativity can turn a science lesson into something more memorable.”—Booklist

Cover: Anita and the Dragons

The Horn Book Magazine

“[T]his is a creative addition to the canon of immigration narratives . . . —The Horn Book Magazine

Cover: It's Outta Here!: The Might and Majesty of the Home Run

School Library Journal

“An easy sell for sports fans and reluctant readers, as well as an effective history resource . . .”—School Library Journal

Cover: The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field

School Library Journal

“This is a story that presents kids as true problem solvers. . . . an excellent STEM resource.”—starred, School Library Journal

Cover: Beyond: Discoveries from the Outer Reaches of Space

The Horn Book Magazine

“[S]pectacular illustrations and awe-filled verse that portray and describe distant nebulae, black holes, exoplanets, and star clusters.”—The Horn Book Magazine

Cover: The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field

The Horn Book Magazine

“[F]illed with happy smiles and strong kicks. . . . A splendid nonfiction picture book.”—starred, The Horn Book Magazine