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Cover: Hillel Builds a House

San Diego Jewish World

“Hillel Builds a House is the perfect book to read, and reread, throughout the year.” — Marcia Berneger, San Diego Jewish World

Cover: The Most Beautiful Thing


“Richly colored mixed-media illustrations feature beautiful, intricate patterns as a backdrop to this tale of a close-knit, multigenerational family.”—Booklist

Cover: Misty Copeland: Principal Ballerina


“This honest account will inspire and encourage young dancers.”—Booklist

Cover: Folding Tech: Using Origami and Nature to Revolutionize Technology


“From folded cranes to collapsible solar sails, this offering provides an enticing look at a unique STEAM crossover.”—Booklist

Cover: The Abba Tree

Midwest Book Review

“A delightfully charming and wonderfully entertaining picture book story for children ages 4-8, ‘The Abba Tree’ is an original tale by author and storyteller Devora Busheri that is delightfully illustrated with the visual imaging of artist Gal Shkedi.” — James A. Cox, Midwest Book…

Cover: Nicanor's Gate

Sydney Taylor Shmooze

" Eric Kimmel has penned a new, more accessible version of this wonderful, ancient Talmudic tale with lush, radiant full-color, full spread illustrations in earth tones, blues, and pinks by Alida Massari" — Rachel Kamin, Sydney Taylor Shmooze Blog

Cover: Crime Scene Investigators


“[F]eatures concise, simple sentences that highlight the basics of this high-interest job. . . . this will certainly satisfy.”—Booklist

Cover: Mouse in the House

School Library Journal

“This entertaining story is recommended for purchase, and is an ideal choice for an early elementary school read-aloud.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Living Fossils: Survivors from Earth's Distant Past


“An informative book for readers drawn to strange and amazing animals.”—Booklist

Cover: Beni's War

School Library Journal

“Readers will be motivated by Beni’s perceptiveness and inspired by the strength he demonstrates through acceptance—even towards the enemy.” — Rebecca Redinger, Lincoln Park Branch, Chicago P.L, School Library Journal Starred Review

Cover: A Garden in Your Belly: Meet the Microbes in Your Gut


“[Has] vividly colored, wildly imaginative, and joyful artwork . . . A lively introduction to a vital element in human health.”—Booklist

Cover: The Kiosk

School Library Journal

“Melece’s text works seamlessly with her colorful, light-hearted, cartoony illustrations.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Revolution: Bitcoin and Beyond

School Library Journal

“[T]his fascinating title presents a strong introduction to a complex topic.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Crayola ® Out-of-This-World Space Colors

School Library Journal

“A visually enjoyable work that is different from other space books in circulation. Add this picture book to solar system units for its ­artistic flair.”—School Library Journal

Cover: The Mouth (A Nauseating Augmented Reality Experience)


“By delving into disgusting aspects of the mouth, the text fuels an underlying approbation of dental hygiene.”—Booklist

Cover: Social Distancing


“[E]xplores one of the most pertinent changes resulting from the current global pandemic.”—Booklist

Cover: Shalom Bayit

Celebrate Picture Books

“A charming board book to inspire comforting story times or bedtimes—especially during these challenging times—Shalom Bayit: A Peaceful Home would be a favorite on home bookshelves and is highly recommended for school and public library collections.” — Kathryn Carroll, Celebrate…

Cover: Dino-Thanksgiving

Publishers Weekly

“[T]his glimpse of prehistoric reptiles giving thanks should entertain young dinosaur fans.”—Publishers Weekly

Cover: Bricks

School Library Journal

“. . . [H]ighlights themes of fairness, hard work, just desserts, and the importance of reading the fine print. Recommended for fiction collections.”—School Library Journal

Cover: Does Your Dog Speak Hebrew?: A Book of Animal Sounds

AJL Newsletter

“Young preschoolers will enjoy learning animal names and sounds in multiple languages, and the reminder that, ‘A cow and parah both say, ‘Moo!’ in English…and in Hebrew too!’ adds a nice note of cross-cultural unity.” — Rebecca Fox, Children’s Librarian II, Boston Public Library…

Cover: Behind the Bookcase: Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the Hiding Place

AJL Newsletter

“The illustration sometimes complements the text with greater nuance, often using a muted palette vis-à-vis the red of the Nazi flags. This book about Miep Gies joins those about Irena Sendler and Janusz Korczak in helping youngsters understand the acts of rescuers and their difficult…

Cover: The Book of Secrets

AJL Newsletter

“With artful, easily understood frames and vivid colors, the author/illustrator crafts an engaging read. The stories are taken from the Mishnah, Hasidic tales, Midrash, tales of the Ba’al Shem Tov, and a story by Kafka.” — Debbie Colodny, retired librarian, Cook Memorial Public…

Cover: It's Challah Time!: 20th Anniversary Edition

AJL Newsletter

“The stunning photos are different from those in the original edition published in 2002, for they portray children who come from diverse backgrounds.” — Anne Dublin, retired librarian of Holy Blossom Temple; author of A Cage Without Bars (Second Story Press, 2018), Toronto, AJL

Cover: Beni's War

AJL Newsletter

“Beni’s War depicts neither an idealized Israel nor a flawed country which needs to be apologized for. Instead, it faithfully paints life as lived in a country where war is never far away.” — Marjorie Gann, retired teacher; author of Five Thousand Years of Slavery, Toronto, Canada…