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    Orders above $350 qualify for free library-bound print or free multi-user eBook editions. Series choices include:

    Primary Grades Technology & Engineering Collection (20 titles)


  • Farm Machines at Work (6 titles)

  • Lightning Bolt Books®: Awesome Rides (8 titles)

  • Lightning Bolt Books®: Military Machines (6 titles)

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    Free eBook Editions: Promo Code: ESLF20P

    Intermediate Grades Supernatural Studies Collection (18 titles)


  • Ancient Mysteries (Alternator Books) (6 titles)

  • Searchlight Books—Fear Fest (6 titles)

  • Unexplained (Alternator Books) (6 titles)

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    Orders above $350 qualify for 10 free books of the customer’s choice.

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    With a one-year subscription to the Lerner Sports Database (priced at $149) you can receive your choice of any 7 Lerner Sports titles (print or multi-user eBook editions) for free! All orders will also receive free shelf-ready processing and free shipping.
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