Primary Grades Nonfiction Audiobook Collection — Audio Book Set

217 titles

  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3
  • Reading Level: Kindergarten

Titles in this collection were selected to provide a dynamic introduction to nonfiction for the youngest listeners, covering core concepts in science, social studies, sports, health and nutrition, social-emotional learning, and more. (Includes Spanish-language selections.)

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Ambulances on the Go
Ambulancias en acción (Ambulances on the Go)
Baseball Superstar Aaron Judge
Baseball Time!
Basketball Superstar Stephen Curry
Basketball Time!
Be Aware!: My Tips for Personal Safety
Big Rigs on the Go
Bugs That Make Your Computer Crawl: What Are Computer Bugs?
Camiones monstruo en acción (Monster Trucks on the Go)
Carros de policía en acción (Police Cars on the Go)
Caution in the Kitchen!: Germs, Allergies, and Other Health Concerns
Choose Good Food!: My Eating Tips
Crawling Cockroaches
Crayola ® Art of Color
Crayola ® Color in Culture
Crayola ® Color in Nature
The Crayola ® Comparing Sizes Book
The Crayola ® Counting Book
Crayola ® Fall Colors
The Crayola ® Opposites Book
The Crayola ® Patterns Book
Crayola ® Science of Color
The Crayola ® Shapes Book
The Crayola ® Sorting Book
Crayola ® Spring Colors
Crayola ® Summer Colors
Crayola ® Winter Colors
Creeping Caterpillars
Darting Dragonflies
Fall Is Fun!
Feeling Angry
Feeling Happy
Feeling Sad
Feeling Scared
Flashing Fireflies
Following Special Diets
Football Superstar Tom Brady
Football Time!
From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate
From Cotton to T-Shirt
From Egg to Butterfly
From Flower to Honey
From Foal to Horse
From Grass to Milk
From Iron to Car
From Kernel to Corn
From Leather to Basketball Shoes
From Leather to Football
From Maple Tree to Syrup
From Milk to Ice Cream
From Oil to Gas
From Peanut to Peanut Butter
From Plastic to Soccer Ball
From Sheep to Sweater
From Shoot to Apple
From Steel to Bicycle
From Tadpole to Frog
From Tree to Paper
From Wax to Crayon
From Wheat to Bread
From Wood to Baseball Bat
Getting a Pet
Going Camping
Going on an Airplane
Gymnastics Superstar Simone Biles
Gymnastics Time!
Having a Sleepover
Healthy Eating Habits
Healthy Foods around the World
Helper Robots
Hero Law Enforcement Dogs
Hero Military Dogs
Hero Service Dogs
Hero Therapy Dogs
Hooray for Chefs!
Hooray for Construction Workers!
Hooray for Farmers!
Hooray for Nurses!
Hooray for Pilots!
Hooray for Police Officers!
Hooray for Teachers!
Hooray for Veterinarians!
¡Hora de baloncesto! (Basketball Time!)
¡Hora de béisbol! (Baseball Time!)
¡Hora de fútbol americano! (Football Time!)
¡Hora de fútbol! (Soccer Time!)
¡Hora de gimnasia! (Gymnastics Time!)
¡Hora de natación! (Swimming Time!)
How Can I Be a Good Digital Citizen?
How Do Computers Talk to One Another?
How Do Hang Gliders Work?
How Do Helicopters Work?
How Do Hot Air Balloons Work?
How Do Jets Work?
How Do Parachutes Work?
How Do Space Vehicles Work?
How Do Video Games Work?
I Love Cats
I Love Dogs
I Love Goldfish
I Love Guinea Pigs
I Love Hamsters
I Love Hermit Crabs
¡El invierno es divertido! (Winter Is Fun!)
It's Chinese New Year!
It's Christmas!
It's Cinco de Mayo!
It's Diwali!
It's Easter!
It's Halloween!
It's Hanukkah!
It's New Year's Day!
It's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr!
It's St. Patrick's Day!
It's Thanksgiving!
It's Valentine's Day!
Keep Calm!: My Stress-Busting Tips
Let's Explore China
Let's Explore Cuba
Let's Explore Earning Money
Let's Explore Gases
Let's Explore Gravity
Let's Explore India
Let's Explore Japan
Let's Explore Light
Let's Explore Liquids
Let's Explore Mexico
Let's Explore Needs and Wants
Let's Explore Russia
Let's Explore Saving Money
Let's Explore Solids
Let's Explore Sound
Let's Explore Spending Money
Let's Visit the Deciduous Forest
Let's Visit the Desert
Let's Visit the Evergreen Forest
Let's Visit the Grassland
Let's Visit the Lake
Let's Visit the Ocean
Let's Visit the Rain Forest
Let's Visit the Tundra
Look, a Clown Fish!
Look, a Dolphin!
Look, a Jellyfish!
Look, a Ray!
Look, a Shark!
Look, a Starfish!
¡Mira, un delfín! (Look, a Dolphin!)
¡Mira, un pez payaso! (Look, a Clown Fish!)
¡Mira, un tiburón! (Look, a Shark!)
¡Mira, una estrella de mar! (Look, a Starfish!)
¡Mira, una medusa! (Look, a Jellyfish!)
¡Mira, una raya! (Look, a Ray!)
Monster Trucks on the Go
Motocicletas en acción (Motorcycles on the Go)
Motorcycles on the Go
Move Your Body!: My Exercise Tips
Moving Day
My Clothes, Your Clothes
My Family, Your Family
My Food, Your Food
My Home, Your Home
My Language, Your Language
My Religion, Your Religion
Nothing Loopy about This: What Are Loops and Conditionals?
¡El otoño es divertido! (Fall Is Fun!)
Poison Alert!: My Tips to Avoid Danger Zones at Home
Police Cars on the Go
¡La primavera es divertida! (Spring Is Fun!)
Robots at Home
Robots in Space
Saber-Toothed Cat
Slimy Snails
Soccer Time!
Speedy Centipedes
Spring Is Fun!
Starting a Sport
Summer Is Fun!
Swimming Time!
Take a Bath!: My Tips for Keeping Clean
Taste Something New!: Giving Different Foods a Try
This Is My Continent
This Is My Country
This Is My Neighborhood
This Is My State
This Is My Town
This Python Isn't a Snake: What Are Coding Languages and Syntax?
To Mars!
To Planet Earth!
To the Moon!
To the Stars!
To the Sun!
Tractocamiones en acción (Big Rigs on the Go)
Trains on the Go
Trenes en acción (Trains on the Go)
¡El verano es divertido! (Summer Is Fun!)
Weather Robots
Web-Spinning Spiders
What Are Programs and Apps?
What Is Computer Coding?
What's Inside My Computer?
What's on My Plate?: Choosing from the Five Food Groups
Why Doesn't Everyone Eat Meat?: Vegetarianism and Special Diets
Why We Eat Dairy
Why We Eat Fruits
Why We Eat Grains
Why We Eat Protein
Why We Eat Vegetables
Wiggling Earthworms
Winter Is Fun!
Woolly Mammoth
You Can't Dance to These Rhythms: What Are Algorithms?
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Interest Level Preschool - Grade 3
Reading Level Kindergarten
Category 5 Kinds of Nonfiction, 5KN: Traditional Nonfiction, Animals, Diverse Books: Celebrating Differences , Diversity, Holidays, SEL: A Self-Awareness, SEL: B Self-Management, SEL: C Social Awareness, SEL: D Relationship Skills, SEL: E Responsible Decision-Making, Social Emotional Learning, Spanish-Language, Sports, STEM, STEM: Interdisciplinary, STEM: Space Science, STEM: Technology, STEM: Technology/Coding
Publisher Lerner Publishing Group
Imprint Lerner Digital ™
Language English, Spanish
Publication Date 2014-08-01
Reading Counts! Level 1.3-4.7
BISACS JNF003000, JNF003040, JNF003050, JNF003060, JNF003090, JNF003110, JNF003120, JNF003140, JNF003150, JNF003160, JNF003170, JNF003190, JNF003220, JNF003250, JNF003370, JNF006000, JNF007000, JNF007100, JNF007120, JNF011000, JNF012000, JNF012010, JNF012030, JNF012040, JNF013000, JNF013020, JNF013030, JNF013040, JNF013050, JNF013070, JNF013090, JNF013100, JNF014000, JNF015000, JNF020030, JNF021060, JNF024000, JNF024010, JNF024020, JNF024030, JNF024040, JNF024060, JNF024080, JNF024100, JNF024120, JNF025070, JNF025130, JNF025150, JNF026010, JNF026020, JNF026030, JNF026060, JNF026070, JNF026080, JNF026090, JNF026110, JNF026130, JNF026150, JNF026180, JNF027000, JNF030000, JNF031000, JNF033000, JNF035000, JNF037030, JNF037040, JNF037070, JNF038000, JNF038020, JNF038050, JNF038060, JNF038070, JNF038100, JNF044000, JNF045000, JNF049100, JNF049110, JNF049330, JNF050000, JNF051000, JNF051010, JNF051020, JNF051040, JNF051050, JNF051080, JNF051100, JNF051120, JNF051130, JNF051140, JNF051150, JNF051180, JNF052020, JNF053020, JNF053050, JNF053090, JNF053100, JNF054000, JNF054010, JNF054020, JNF054030, JNF054050, JNF054060, JNF054130, JNF054150, JNF057000, JNF057010, JNF057030, JNF057040, JNF057050, JNF058000, JNF059000, JNF061000, JNF061010, JNF069000, JUV002070, JUV009130, JUV013000, JUV013070, JUV023000, JUV030000, JUV030060, JUV030110, JUV039000, JUV039060, JUV039090, JUV039200, JUV039280, JUV048000, JUV050000, JUV051000, JUV053020, JUV068000, JUV074000
Dewey 004-973
Lexile 250-1100
Guided Reading Level H-P
ATOS Reading Level 1.1-4.1
Accelerated Reader® Points 0.5