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Cover: An Unlikely Ballerina

An Unlikely Ballerina

“This is a fascinating read about the dancer who would someday be known as Alicia Markova. Lily Marks loves to stand on her tiptoes, but her legs are weak and crooked. Could dancing lessons help strengthen them? To everyone’s surprise, Lily proves to have a natural talent for View →

Cover: Can You Hear a Coo, Coo?

Can You Hear a Coo, Coo?

“This board book tells the story of Noah’s Ark through simple and amusing illustrations accompanied by a text full of animal sounds and movement words. Reading the book is a lively, interactive learning experience. As children look at the color images of the animals, they can… View →

Cover: Koala Challah

Koala Challah

“Cuddly animals, here koala bears, will remind you that challah is part of the Shabbat service as they deliver a story imbued with determination and perseverance that proves the positive results of these two fine character traits. Koala Lila wants to keep up with her two older sisters,… View →

Cover: The Six-Day Hero

The Six-Day Hero

“The opening scene in The Six-Day Hero takes place at a ceremony in celebration of Israel’s nineteenth birthday. Twelve-year-old Motti’s brother Gideon is on the dais being honored as an Independence Day baby. Motti can’t stand the boring, hot ceremony and wriggles out to… View →


“The twins, Sophie and Seth, along with their parents, enjoy a picnic lunch on Shabbat, their favorite day of the week. After saying the motzi over challah, drinking cider, and eating fruit and cheese, they run off to the barn where they discover twin newborn calves. Rhyming… View →

Cover: Sammy Spider's First Taste of Hanukkah: A Cookbook

Sammy Spider's First Taste of Hanukkah: A Cookbook

“This book would be a great resource for parents who have children home on ‘winter break’ and has educational components, as well; it would be especially useful for number and counting activities. Families and classes will enjoy ‘digging into’ this… View →

Cover: The Snow Walker

The Snow Walker

“A charming book for the whole family. . . This wonderful true story of charity in a young boy. The ‘Snow Walker’ portrays determination, imagination, and character.” —Parent Council View →

Cover: Clouds of Terror

Clouds of Terror

“Exciting reading for the more advanced in the easy reader group. . . A big change from the fun but meaningless stories most often available for new readers.” —Parent Council View →

Cover: The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever

The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever

—"Micah is excited to be visiting the pumpkin patch with his parents and other families from their synagogue. Farmer Jared tells Micah that they will be picking pumpkins to donate to the soup kitchen. Micah’s dad adds that ‘When we help others like that, we’re… View →

Cover: Raquela's Seder

Raquela's Seder

Com­fort­ing, warm, deeply toned illus­tra­tions and sim­ple, qui­et sto­ry­telling por­tray a moment in the life of Raque­la, a young girl who is an only child and… View →

Cover: Rosie Saves the World

Rosie Saves the World

“Rosie Saves the World is a charming picture book that teaches children about the Jewish concepts of tikkun olam, repair of the world; tzedakah, charity; mitzvot, good deeds; and areyvut, helping our own family and community. View →