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Cover: The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever

—"Micah is excited to be visiting the pumpkin patch with his parents and other families from their synagogue. Farmer Jared tells Micah that they will be picking pumpkins to donate to the soup kitchen. Micah’s dad adds that ‘When we help others like that, we’re taking part in tikkun olam, repairing the world.’ Micah imagines how the pumpkins will help feed the hungry. Farmer Jared tells the children that they can each pick out a pumpkin to take home, too. Micah decides he will save his pumpkin for Sukkot. Although he collects pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and textures for the soup kitchen, when Micah finally finds the pumpkin he wants to bring home, it is so large and heavy that he enlists three friends to help him roll it to the truck. However, when Micah remembers the soup kitchen, he offers the extra-large pumpkin to Farmer Jared who tells him that although the pumpkin is too large for cooking, it will make a wonderful decoration for the soup kitchen. Satisfied, Micah then picks ‘a perfect little pumpkin, the best Sukkot pumpkin ever’ to take home instead. When he thinks of the pumpkin dishes his family eats on Sukkot, he feels very lucky and decides to donate this pumpkin to the soup kitchen, too. When Micah steps on a rotten pumpkin, Farmer Jared explains that it will ‘breakdown into compost and feed the soil next spring.’ Micah scoops up a handful of its seeds and decides that he will plant his own pumpkins to have for Sukkot next year.

Enhanced by colorful, cheery illustrations, The Best Sukkot Pumpkin Ever depicts the importance of sharing and giving to those in need. The author provides an ‘About Sukkot’ page which details the meaning of the word, what the holiday is about, and ways Jewish families celebrate. Also included is a list featuring several suggested Tikkun Olam activities such as volunteering and donating.

Recommended for ages 3 to 8."—Jewish Book Council

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