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Cover: An Unlikely Ballerina

“This is a fascinating read about the dancer who would someday be known as Alicia Markova. Lily Marks loves to stand on her tiptoes, but her legs are weak and crooked. Could dancing lessons help strengthen them? To everyone’s surprise, Lily proves to have a natural talent for dancing, and becomes utterly devoted to practicing. The high point of her childhood is seeing international ballet star Anna Pavlova perform, and receiving an invitation to dance for her. Now there’s no turning back; Lily commits fully to becoming a ballerina.
An endnote tells readers that Pavlova had a Jewish parent, though she never publicly acknowledged her heritage; Lily’s parents were also Jewish.
Highly stylized illustrations complement the story beautifully. Note that the Jewish content is restricted to the note at the back of the book. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.” – Jewish Book Council

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An Unlikely Ballerina
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