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Cover: The Littlest Mountain

The Littlest Mountain

“A solid choice for Judeo-Christian collections that may be enjoyed in secular settings as well.” —School Library Journal View →

Cover: Draw the Dark

Draw the Dark

“Bick has created a likable teen protagonist whose unique ability is completely believable in the author’s skilled hands. The novel brilliantly strikes a compelling balance between fantasy and contemporary fiction. Readers will be on the edge of their seats waiting to find… View →

Cover: A World of Knowing: A Story about Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

A World of Knowing: A Story about Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

“. . .a very well-written, easy to understand biography.” —Christian Library Journal View →

Cover: Fire at the Triangle Factory

Fire at the Triangle Factory

“The easy-to-read text does not undermine the inherent drama of the story.” —Christian Library Journal View →

Cover: The Back of Beyond: A Story about Lewis and Clark

The Back of Beyond: A Story about Lewis and Clark

“Written in easy-to-read, short chapters, this book is certain to please those faced with a history report or those who just enjoy an exploration of their own.” —Christian Library Journal View →

Cover: Paper Airplanes: Models to Build and Fly

Paper Airplanes: Models to Build and Fly

“Paper Airplanes takes paper crafts to a new height. It glides just as easily into an art class as a science class. Its basic premise challenges logic and problem-solving skills.” —Christian Library Journal View →

Cover: Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

“. . .incite the reader to further study of the time period, the war, and dirigibles. . . The reader lives with Stenny through his struggles and growth. A tragedy of history is felt through Fire in the Sky.” —Christian Library Journal View →

Cover: Benjamin Banneker: Pioneering Scientist

Benjamin Banneker: Pioneering Scientist

“Craig Orback’s illustrations use strong opaque paint, which reflect the many sides of Banneker’s life. This short biography is an adequate introduction to this very important life and work which teachers will find useful in unit on slavery, civil rights history, and… View →

Cover: A Story to Tell: Traditions of a Tlingit Community

A Story to Tell: Traditions of a Tlingit Community

“Grandmother Fran has a story to tell her granddaughter Marissa. A Story to Tell is that story. Grandmother Fran tells Marissa the story of the Tlingit people. Many aspects of Tlingit life are included in the story: their history, their culture, the clan structure, the influence… View →

Cover: Come Morning

Come Morning

“We are drawn into the action through tightly written text and short chapters which entice the reluctant reader. The adventure has historical authenticity coupled with the aptitude of a master storyteller. . . Come Morning traces the rite of passage for this young black. The… View →

Cover: Crafts for Christian Values

Crafts for Christian Values

“Twenty-eight clever and original designs illustrate a variety of Christian qualities. A loving heart beanbag, a bank for generous giving to missions, a bookmark to honor parents. . . Each one has an appropriate Scripture quotation to reinforce its stated purpose. . .… View →

Cover: Christian Crafts for Christmastime

Christian Crafts for Christmastime

“A collection of 28 crafts for families to make while focusing on the story of Jesus’s birth and the Christian spirit of the holiday. . . Sunday-school teachers and families looking for a religious focus for the holiday will find some worthwhile activities here.”… View →

Cover: Let My People Go!

Let My People Go!

“This book will be welcome in Jewish and Christian educational settings and may enliven family Passover Seders. . .” —School Library Journal View →

Cover: The Boy from Seville

The Boy from Seville

Manuel, 11, and his family are conversos—Jews who have nominally converted to Christianity—in 17th-century Spain. They have fled harsh discrimination in Portugal, but their lives are still shrouded in fear and suspi-cion. When Manuel’s teacher intercedes, the boy is allowed to join View →