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“Though the text is simple, the author paints a clear picture….Readers of Markle’s Snow School (2013) and Waiting for Ice (2012), both illustrated by Alan Marks, will welcome this additional account of a baby animal’s growth to… View →

Cover: Catch & Release

Catch & Release

“A compelling and beautiful tale of trials and triumph.” —The ALAN Review View →

Cover: Forced Out

Forced Out

“Demonstrate[s] an excellent knowledge of the game of baseball and its intricacies….The reader can see sacrifice and selflessness in action, as he/she also reads about the action of the game.” —The ALAN Review View →

Cover: The Knife and the Butterfly

The Knife and the Butterfly

“Perez gives the reader sympathetic yet critical insight into the world of gangs in Houston, Texas, and is careful to show the narratives of loss that drive so many young people to join them.” —The ALAN Review View →

Cover: Lost in the River of Grass

Lost in the River of Grass

“With the relatable character of Sarah, this novel of suspense with intermittent spurts of humor leads you through the marshes in a way no school field trip ever could.” —The ALAN Review View →

Cover: Everything I Was

Everything I Was

“In Everything I Was, Demas presents a likable narrator trying to negotiate friendships, family, and first love. Although Irene’s social class sets her apart from many readers, her concerns are universal, and she comes across as relatable and accessible. Readers will… View →

Cover: Skin


“This novel, reminiscent of (and referential to) Steven King, couples a thrilling horror story with a message important to early adolescents: No one is alone. Unlike King’s work, however, the protagonist is not a tragic hero, but a victorious hero who resists evil. Accessible View →

Cover: Thaw


“Dani Kraft’s hometown of Bridgewater suffers a major power outage. When the backup generators at the Institute for Cryogenic Experimentation fail, the townsfolk learn that the bodies of 27 dangerous cult members who had been frozen for years are missing. Shortly thereafter,… View →

Cover: The Protectors

The Protectors

“The excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’ that opens The Protectors is astutely chosen. Beyond the dark, macabre content that fills the tale, Karlsson weaves a story that is highly readable in one sitting—a quality Poe would appreciate—and a narrative fabric View →

Cover: What Can't Wait

What Can't Wait

" In a heart-wrenching struggle of friendship, family allegiance, and finding love, Marisa discovers what it truly means to leave the expectations of everyone else behind and become an individual who follows after her hopes and dreams. Her genuinely relatable voice and passion allow View →

Cover: The Absolute Value of -1

The Absolute Value of -1

“Lily, Noah, and Simon are teenagers attending classes (when they aren’t skipping to smoke cigarettes) at a Long Island high school. When family issues and the pressures of becoming an adult complicate their once-simple friendships, each deals with the changes differently.… View →

Cover: The Freak Observer

The Freak Observer

“Sixteen-year-old Loa Lindgren witnesses a gruesome car accident that takes the life of her best friend, Esther. The event leaves Loa with a debilitating case of post-traumatic stress disorder. A mysterious figure known as the Bony Guy—death incarnate—terrifies her through vivid… View →

Cover: Draw the Dark

Draw the Dark

“Bick has interwoven suspense, mystery, and supernatural fantasy and has created a realistic, yet fantastic, character in Christian Cage. The reader is easily engaged in the suspense of Christian’s life and the tumultuous events surrounding him. Set in a sleepy rural town… View →