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The ALAN Review

Cover: Thaw

“Dani Kraft’s hometown of Bridgewater suffers a major power outage. When the backup generators at the Institute for Cryogenic Experimentation fail, the townsfolk learn that the bodies of 27 dangerous cult members who had been frozen for years are missing. Shortly thereafter, Dani’s best friend goes missing. In order to save her friend, Dani must travel to a parallel universe that exists in the dreams of a dangerous cult leader. Along the way, she comes to trust Trey, a boy who she learns is more than just a pretty face. Although she has traveled to a strange and disturbing world and overcome many fears, Dani’s character development remains flat. The lesson to be learned from this tale is: ‘The past—even if it isn’t our past—can reach out like a cat’s paw and change our lives’ (p.103).” —The ALAN Review

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