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Cover: Sophie's Monster Goes to Shul

Sophie's Monster Goes to Shul

“Recommended as a read-aloud for preschoolers and a warm introduction to one joyful aspect of Jewish life.”—School Library Journal View →

Cover: The Mexican Dreidel

The Mexican Dreidel

“This Mexican Janucá (Hanukkah) book, imbued with magical realism, tells a sweet story while introducing Mexican Jewish and non-Jewish holiday traditions, as well as Spanish words. An excellent choice for libraries wanting to expand their Hanukkah collections.”―School… View →

Cover: Hello, Hanukkah!

Hello, Hanukkah!

“This is a perfect Hanukkah package of colors, counting, and traditions. All libraries serving Jewish ­patrons will want to add this little gem to their board book collections.”—School Library Journal, STARRED View →

Cover: Happy Roo Year: It's Rosh Hashanah

Happy Roo Year: It's Rosh Hashanah

“Jewish libraries and preschools may want to add this pleasant read-aloud. An addltlonäl purchase for public libraries with large Jewish populations.” — Amy Tilien-Harper, Wilton Lib., CT, School Library Journal View →

Cover: Judah Touro Didn't Want to be Famous

Judah Touro Didn't Want to be Famous

“His is a true role model for young readers.” — Lisa Silverman, Jewish Journal View →

Cover: Miriam at the River

Miriam at the River

“This exquisite retelling of the poignant beginnings of Moses’ life is welcome particularly because it emphasizes the courage and selflessness of the female characters of the biblical story.” — Lisa Silverman, Jewish Journal View →

Cover: Kugel for Hanukkah?

Kugel for Hanukkah?

“Kugel for Hanukkah?” by Gretchen M. Everin. Illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown. (Kar-Ben Publishing) A wide-eyed animal-loving young girl celebrates Hanukkah with her family, hoping for the gift of a pet, such as a puppy, kitten, bird or hamster. Instead, on the first night, she… View →

Cover: Chelm for the Holidays

Chelm for the Holidays

“Hannukah is just one of 10 Jewish occasions that get the comic treatment in ‘Chelm for the Holidays’ (Kar-Ben, 68 pages, $15.99), a collection of new and old tall tales by Valerie Estelle Frankel. Set in Chelm, the ‘village of fools’ of Eastern European… View →

Cover: Kol Hakavod: Way to Go!

Kol Hakavod: Way to Go!

“Educators in Jewish schools and synagogues can pair this newest offering with It’s a— It’s a— It’s a Mitzvah! by Liz Suneby and Diane Heiman, Moti the Mitzvah Mouse by Vivian Newman, and One Good Deed by Terri Fields to inspire students View →

Cover: Kugel for Hanukkah?

Kugel for Hanukkah?

“[A] sweet addition for public and Jewish libraries looking for a fun read to bulk up Hanukkah collections.”—School Library Journal View →

Cover: Light the Menorah!: A Hanukkah Handbook

Light the Menorah!: A Hanukkah Handbook

“For those looking for a more serious take on Hanukkah rituals, this self-described handbook serves as a meaningful ‘manual for the contemporary Jewish family.’ The author posits that the ‘Hanukkah rituals are worth thinking about’ and offers useful poems… View →

Cover: Who's Got the Etrog?

Who's Got the Etrog?

“This new picture book introduces children to the Ugandan Jewish community of the Abayudaya. The book says the community was started in the early 1900s by an African chief who led his people to reject Christianity and follow only the Torah. Children will enjoy following the antics… View →

Cover: The World Needs Beautiful Things

The World Needs Beautiful Things

“Bezalel and the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. But young Bezalel had an eye for beauty and loved to collect pretty things like shiny stones and colored strings, and place them into his ‘Beautiful Things Box.’ When it’s time to escape Egypt and wander through the… View →

Cover: The Missing Letters: A Dreidel Story

The Missing Letters: A Dreidel Story

“Children will be delighted to find out that dreidels come alive at night at the dreidel factory and talk to one another. Actually, they like to argue about the fairness of the dreidel game rules. The nuns are jealous of the gimels because … who wants to get a nun, anyway? But the… View →

Cover: Way Too Many Latkes: A Hanukkah in Chelm

Way Too Many Latkes: A Hanukkah in Chelm

“Chelm stories are supposed to be funny, and this one will inspire giggling in any child, particularly if the reader hams up the character voices. We learn that Faigel makes the best latkes in all of Chelm, but unfortunately for everyone else, she makes only enough for herself and… View →

Cover: Drop by Drop: A Story of Rabbi Akiva

Drop by Drop: A Story of Rabbi Akiva

“Rabbi Akiva, the second century Jewish sage, is considered to be one of the greatest rabbinic scholars and was the inspiration for many legends. Jules, who previously focused on biblical heroes in Abraham’s Search for God, Benjamin and the Silver Goblet, Miriam in the Dessert, and View →

Cover: Rosie Saves the World

Rosie Saves the World

“This sweet title serves up its didactic content with a gentle hand. Excited about the Jewish value of ‘tikkun olam, repairing the world by doing good deeds,’ Rosie comes up with projects to help her neighborhood. As she sets off to collect cans, her mom asks for help… View →

Cover: Passover Scavenger Hunt

Passover Scavenger Hunt

“Great Uncle Harry is terrible at hiding the afikomen. All the kids anticipate his usual hiding places, and so the search isn’t very fun. But young Rachel hatches a clever plan and offers him the option to let her hide the matzo this year. She then creates a family scavenger hunt… View →

Cover: A Different Kind of Passover

A Different Kind of Passover

“A young girl practices the Four Questions in Hebrew and travels, as usual, to her grandparents’ house for the seder with her extended family. She loves the repetition of the yearly rituals, but this year her “heart hurts” because Grandpa was in the hospital recently and cannot… View →

Cover: Maya Prays for Rain

Maya Prays for Rain

“Shemini Atzeret may be the least likely holiday to be showcased in a picture book, but it’s about time for kids to learn a bit about this Jewish holiday that seems to be part of Sukkot, but actually falls after Sukkot is over. Because of the harvest and Israel’s rainy season, the… View →

Cover: Gabriel's Horn

Gabriel's Horn

“Times are tough, economically, for Gabriel and his family this Rosh Hashanah―their antique store and other neighborhood businesses are on the verge of shutting down. As a round challah is baking in the oven, a U.S. Army soldier (astute readers will note his name tag reads… View →

Cover: On One Foot

On One Foot

“This excellent introduction to the Golden Rule can be used successfully with Jewish and non-Jewish audiences.” — School Library Journal View →

Cover: The Colors of Israel

The Colors of Israel

“The photographs are vibrant and exciting and will surely stimulate little minds to ask questions about all the geographical locations and Hebrew signage, along with teaching the important vocabulary of colors in Hebrew. More than just a color concept book, this one is a sure… View →

Cover: My Name is Aviva

My Name is Aviva

“Many Jewish children are curious about the origin of their names, and wonder why they are unusual or old fashioned. Newman’s clear and rich narrative explains the custom with warmth and appreciation for tradition.” — School Library Journal View →