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Cover: Boardwalk Babies

Boardwalk Babies

“Moss . . . tells a story grounded in facts and full of human interest . . . With curving lines and warm colors, the illustrations create a genial tone while transporting viewers to a bygone era. An intriguing picture book.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: All's Happy That Ends Happy

All's Happy That Ends Happy

“A satisfying conclusion to the lively Swedish chapter-book series that began with My Happy Life (2013).”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Miriam at the River

Miriam at the River

“This book may appeal to thoughtful children, fans of poetry, and educators looking for examples of modern midrash, or stories that imaginatively fill the gaps in Bible stories.” — Miriam Aronin, Booklist Online View →


“The lively comic gets the point across . . . and the back matter drives it home: multiple quizzes and essay questions make sure readers . . . understand how to be safe online.”—Booklist View →

Cover: Room for One More

Room for One More

“In 1942, 12-year-old Rosetta Wolfson lives with her Jewish family in Montreal, far away from the war in Europe. The Wolfsons take in Isaac Guttman, a young Jewish refugee who fled Germany for Britain, only to later be deported to Canada. Isaac is guarded and slow to trust, but… View →

Cover: Shadow


“This soft-spoken story can be anything from a simple, lovely, modern fairy tale to a stunning allegory about overcoming fear and how a parent’s depression can affect a child.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Porcupines and Hedgehogs

Porcupines and Hedgehogs

“These informative books come with an irresistible hook and well-organized content . . .”—Booklist Online View →


“A high-interest introduction to STEM.”—Booklist Online View →


“[S]tudents learn about sequencing, loops, debugging, patterns, nested designs, functions, and other coding terms.”—Booklist View →

Cover: You're Snug With Me

You're Snug With Me

“[A] breathtakingly illustrated tribute to the Arctic world . . .”—Booklist Online View →


“Young kids who may be intimidated by coding will discover how fun and easy it is.”—Booklist View →

Cover: Coding in the Real World

Coding in the Real World

With bright, colorful illustrations and a pleasantly jumbled layout, these titles in the Kids get Coding series introduce key computer programming concepts to early elementary-schoolers. Each volume uses approachable, everyday examples and a friendly tone to both explain why coding is… View →


“[A] blend of horror and humor . . .”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Mallory Makes a Difference

Mallory Makes a Difference

“…[T]his chapter-book series has developed a steady readership for its personal narratives in which a likable Everygirl navigates her third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade years. The twenty-eighth volume ends with Mallory’s remarks on “a sign of maturity” and the View →

Cover: Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam

Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam

“Yaffa and Fatima are neighbors in the Land of Milk and Honey, where each tends her own date grove. Every day they pick and sell their dates, cook and share tasty foods, and pray to God—Yaffa in the synagogue and Fatima in the mosque. When hard times come, they worry… View →

Cover: One Brave Summer

One Brave Summer

“[W]ill appeal to a wide range of readers, from online gamers to horse enthusiasts.”—Booklist View →

Cover: The Giant

The Giant

“[A] solid choice for mature readers seeking morally ambivalent, lawless dystopias.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: High Five, Mallory!

High Five, Mallory!

“Friedman nails the first-person narrative as 10-year-old Mallory obsesses about the start of school . . . .”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Heart or Mind

Heart or Mind

“The present-tense, plot-driven narrative is compelling. . . . While it is written with the high/low reader in mind, this will likely have appeal for readers at any reading level.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Digital Safety Smarts: Preventing Cyberbullying

Digital Safety Smarts: Preventing Cyberbullying

“[This] series is aimed at readers who have grown up using the Internet but may not fully understand what they intuitively do online. . . . This solid series will be useful for teachers who want to help their students become savvier digital natives.”—Booklist Online View →


“With whimsical, humorous, and sweet touches, this will easily capture kids’ fancies. Vivid, slick, animated illustrations have retro flair, incorporating both cartoonish and intricate, scrutiny-inviting details. . . . Blending a fantastic premise with a familiar tale of… View →

Cover: Tripping Back Blue

Tripping Back Blue

“Hand to teens on the edge of new-adult readership who seek a gritty, twisting, high-stakes plot overlaid with pensive, well-crafted language.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: Stay in the Game

Stay in the Game

“There is plenty of fast-paced suspense to keep the interest of reluctant readers. . . . [T]his suspenseful series starter is a good purchase for libraries looking to add more genre fiction to their high/low collections.”—Booklist Online View →

Cover: On the Sapphire's Trail: Book 2

On the Sapphire's Trail: Book 2

“[T]he fine-lined figures, cartoon action, warm colors, and fanciful scenes make this fablelike title very appealing. A pleasant choice for young comics fans looking for a gentle fantasy adventure, even if they are new to the series.”—Booklist Online View →