BISAC Subject JNF012010

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Computers / Entertainment & Games

The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Mods

From the Series My Minecraft (Alternator Books ®)

Minecraft is known as a platform for creativity, and with mods, players can take their gaming experience to another creative level. Mods, short for "modifications," are any software that… Read More →

  • Lexile: 890
  • Dewey: 794.8

The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Survival

From the Series My Minecraft (Alternator Books ®)

Survival mode is the ultimate test of a Minecraft player's skills. Can you get enough to eat, gather the resources you need to build a shelter, and win battles against vicious mobs? Learn… Read More →

  • Lexile: 890
  • Dewey: 794.8

The Wild World of Gaming Culture

From the Series ShockZone ™ — Games and Gamers

Just how dedicated can gamers be? Video games inspire people to write fan fiction, draw characters, and even dress up in costume to act out video game scenes. Read this book and dive into… Read More →

  • Lexile: 990
  • ATOS: 6.2
  • Dewey: 794.8

What Are Programs and Apps?

From the Series Lightning Bolt Books ® — Our Digital World

Programs and apps make computers useful. They let you do homework on laptops. They let you play games on smartphones and tablets. What programs and apps are the most important? Who makes them? Read More →

  • Lexile: 640
  • ATOS: 4.0
  • Dewey: 005.3

Write and Record Your Own Songs

From the Series Digital Makers (Alternator Books ® )

Perhaps you've always dreamed about performing your music for others. Grab a mic and let's get going! Share your music with family, friends, or even the whole world by writing a song and… Read More →

  • Lexile: 860
  • Dewey: 782.42/13