Graphic Myths and Legends

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 4 - Grade 8


Supreme artwork and storytelling are the hallmarks of Lerner Publishing Group’s Graphic Universe imprint. With art and text created by experienced graphic novel authors and artists―who also work for publishers such as DC and Marvel―using traditional drawings, coloring, and lettering techniques, these nonfiction graphic novels significantly raise the bar in quality.

This series of Graphic Universe titles brings to life some of the most enduring myths and legends from a variety of cultures. Action-packed and richly illustrated, the age-old stories will engage readers in a new way. Robust nonfiction back matter―including a discussion of the primary source research employed by the authors and artists―also make these books powerful learning resources.


Name Size Format
Ali Baba: CCSS TG Ali Baba 144 KB PDF
Beowulf: CCSS TG Beowulf 133 KB PDF
Guan Yu: CCSS TG Guan Yu 166 KB PDF
Jason: CCSS TG Jason Quest for the Golden Fleece 134 KB PDF
Marwe: CCSS TG Marwe 133 KB PDF
Pigling: CCSS TG Pigling 147 KB PDF
Psyche & Eros: CCSS TG Psyche and Eros 133 KB PDF
The Smoking Mountain: CCSS TG The Smoking Mountain 161 KB PDF

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