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Grade 6

Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
Were Potato Chips Really Invented by an Angry Chef?: And Other Questions about Food 830 U 5.2
We're the Center of the Universe!: Science's Biggest Mistakes about Astronomy and Physics 800 X 5.4
What Are the Articles of Confederation?: And Other Questions about the Birth of the United States 720 T 5.9
What Are You Figuring Now?: A Story about Benjamin Banneker 910 R 5.6
What Difference Could a Waterway Make?: And Other Questions about the Erie Canal 860 Q 5.7
What I Came to Tell You 770 5.0
What I Had Was Singing: The Story of Marian Anderson 970 V 6.5
What Makes Medical Technology Safer? 900 6.1
What Makes Sports Gear Safer? 830 5.3
What Makes Vehicles Safer? Spring 2019
What Makes Vehicles Safer? 810 5.0
What Protects Us During Natural Disasters? 850 5.3
What's Your Style? — eBook Set
What Was the Continental Congress?: And Other Questions about the Declaration of Independence 780 T 5.6
What Was the Missouri Compromise?: And Other Questions about the Struggle over Slavery 840 T 6.2
When Did Columbus Arrive in the Americas?: And Other Questions about Columbus's Voyages 850 T 5.6
When Did George Washington Fight His First Military Battle?: And Other Questions about the French and Indian War 790 T 5.2
When Lunch Fights Back: Wickedly Clever Animal Defenses 920 5.9
When Nature Attacks — eBook Set
When Nature Attacks — Library Bound Set
When Plants Attack: Strange and Terrifying Plants Spring 2019 840 W 5.5
When the River Ran Backward 6.1
When the Sun Shines on Antarctica: And Other Poems about the Frozen Continent 1110 S
When Were the First Slaves Set Free during the Civil War?: And Other Questions about the Emancipation Proclamation 750 S 5.8
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