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Cover: The Woodcarver's Daughter

The Woodcarver's Daughter

“This story teaches about many interesting topics: Russian pogroms, immigration, woodcarving, carousels, Jewish culture, deafness, gender issues, and much more.” — Elizabeth Caufield Felt, Historical Novel Society View →

Cover: The Singer and the Scientist

The Singer and the Scientist

“Rose’s choice of wording is both melodic and rhythmic for reading aloud, and themes of doing what is right and showing kindness makes The Singer and the Scientist a current and fulfilling addition to any library.” — Dorothy Schwab, Historical Novel Society View →

Cover: Beni's War

Beni's War

“Stein’s story is not a coming-of-age story; it is a coming-together story.” — EDITOR’S CHOICE Melissa Warren, Historical Novel Society View →

Cover: Walk Till You Disappear

Walk Till You Disappear

Miguel Abrano lives on the family horse ranch just outside Tucson in 1872. He is nearly 13 and thinks himself almost a man, certainly old enough to decide he would like to become a Catholic priest when he is adult. Still, his family treats him as if he is immature. One evening a… View →

Cover: Room for One More

Room for One More

Rosetta Wolfson, second oldest in a family of three girls, loves to listen in on other people’s conversations. She is under the dining table listening when Mr. Schwarzberg, her father’s visitor, tells her father about Nazi atrocities in World War Two, especially the persecution of Jewish View →