eSource: Primary Source Explorers

Cover: A Journey with Hernán Cortés
  • Interest Level: Grade 3 - Grade 5

This dynamic series is packed with primary sources (letters, journal excerpts, maps, and objects from the period) to give readers new insight about some of the most studied explorers of the world. Each engaging title helps readers understand the historical context and consider the point of view of the explorers and the people they encountered. Need-to-know facts for report writers are enhanced by captivating photos and a fresh design.

Name Size Format
*Primary Source Explorers: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 3.26 MB PDF
A Journey with Christopher Columbus: A Journey with Christopher Columbus Teaching Guide 316 KB PDF
A Journey with Francisco Vázquez de Coronado: A Journey with Francisco Vazquez de Coronado Teaching Guide 373 KB PDF
A Journey with Henry Hudson: A Journey with Henry Hudson Teaching Guide 314 KB PDF
A Journey with Hernán Cortés: A Journey with Hernan Cortes Teaching Guide 302 KB PDF
A Journey with Juan Ponce de León: A Journey with Juan Ponce de Leon Teaching Guide 320 KB PDF
A Journey with Sieur de La Salle: A Journey with Sieur de La Salle Teaching Guide 307 KB PDF

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