Monster Mania

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 2 - Grade 5


This high-interest series covers the always-popular topic of monsters. Each title features a high-profile monster type, covering their history, role in pop culture, and more. What are the best movies about sea monsters? What have Bigfoot expeditions uncovered? Why do some sports teams name themselves after monsters? Readers will have scary fun learning about these legendary characters.


Name Size Format
Beastly Monsters: Beastly Monsters Teaching Guide 292 KB PDF
Magic Monsters: Magic Monsters Teaching Guide 278 KB PDF
*Monster Mania: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 1.13 MB PDF
Movie Monsters: Movie Monsters Teaching Guide 296 KB PDF
Sea Monsters: Sea Monsters Teaching Guide 280 KB PDF
Undead Monsters: Undead Monsters Teaching Guide 285 KB PDF

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