USA TODAY's Debate: Voices and Perspectives

Geared toward high school readers, each book in this series introduces a controversial, compelling social issue. Authors present objective, balanced viewpoints using unbiased language and tone. Opposing viewpoints are given equal time and attention and are reinforced with quotes, statistics, graphs, and charts where appropriate. Developed in partnership with USA TODAY, one of the most read newspapers in the world and the No. 1 newspaper in the United States.

Cover: Animal Rights: Noble Cause or Needless Effort?
Cover: Death Penalty: Fair Solution or Moral Failure?
Cover: Genetic Engineering: Modern Progress or Future Peril?
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Green Energy: Crucial Gains or Economic Strains?
Gun Control: Preventing Violence or Crushing Constitutional Rights?
Human Travel to the Moon and Mars: Waste of Money or Next Frontier?
Internet Censorship: Protecting Citizens or Trampling Freedom?
Legalized Gambling: Revenue Boom or Social Bust?
Legalizing Drugs: Crime Stopper or Social Risk?
Organic Agriculture: Protecting Our Food Supply or Chasing Imaginary Risks?
Same-Sex Marriage: Granting Equal Rights or Damaging the Status of Marriage?
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