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Cover: Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah!

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah!

“. . .a lively celebration of Hanukkah. . . Bright cheerful illustrations.” —Church and Synagogue Libraries View →

Cover: Yom Kippur: A Family Service

Yom Kippur: A Family Service

“Stories, songs, activities convey both the holiday spirit and significance of these High Holy Days…to young and old together, tying in the synagogue services with service and family celebration at home.” View →

Cover: The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle

The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle

“Children will be captivated by the attractive pictures of the Ziz and will love listening to the tale, one that lends itself to reading aloud.” View →

Cover: Passover Is Coming!

Passover Is Coming!

“It is a delight to find a board book with simple, uncontrived rhymes that give just the right amount of information in a lively attractive format. Tracy Newman’s text on each page consists of two brief lines that rhyme and a third line that always states,… View →

Cover: Potatoes at Turtle Rock

Potatoes at Turtle Rock

“The authors, a mother-daughter team who wrote Tashlich at Turtle Rock have joined with the illustrator of that book to offer one family’s unusual, but creative, observance of Hanukkah. It is the sixth night of the holiday, snowing and cold. Mom, dad, children Lincoln and… View →