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Cover: Passover Is Coming!

“It is a delight to find a board book with simple, uncontrived rhymes that give just the right amount of information in a lively attractive format.

Tracy Newman’s text on each page consists of two brief lines that rhyme and a third line that always states, ‘Passover is coming.’ The repetition invites interaction from a child. The rhymes help the child learn about the holiday rituals as well as activities for home preparations (readying the house for Passover always is time consuming). The illustrations are bright, cheery and filled with happy, busy children and adults.

This short book, part of the publisher’s Very First Board Book series that introduces children to Jewish holidays and customs, provides an excellent combination of words and pictures for the nursery school set. Even young children will anticipate the coming of the holiday when they hear: ‘Goodbye to our bread, We’ll eat matzah instead! Passover is coming.’ Highly recommended.”―Congregational Libraries Today

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Passover Is Coming!
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