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Cover: Potatoes at Turtle Rock

“The authors, a mother-daughter team who wrote Tashlich at Turtle Rock have joined with the illustrator of that book to offer one family’s unusual, but creative, observance of Hanukkah. It is the sixth night of the holiday, snowing and cold. Mom, dad, children Lincoln and Annie, and their pet chicken and goat venture out to the woods to celebrate. Annie has the itinerary planned, and the group stops at Old Log, Squeezy Cave, and Billy Goat Bridge before reaching Turtle Rock. Anna has secret packages and questions to ask the family at each destination. She brings hot potatoes to keep warm, to use for candle holders, and finally to eat. During the slightly scary adventure, the family sings holiday songs, dances, the children make dreidels in the snow, and mom says a prayer.

One bit of trivia is told. On the sixth night of Hanukkah, we cannot see the moon shine (it is the new moon in our hemisphere).

There is a brief note about Hanukkah after the story and the illustrations complement the text by adding just enough color to make the dark evening come alive.

Recommended to elicit discussion on individual family observances of traditional holidays.”—Congregational Libraries Today

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Potatoes at Turtle Rock
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