Amazing Athletes

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 2 - Grade 5


Inspire sports fans with the success stories of Amazing Athletes. These attractive high-interest biographies include a description of an athlete’s career from the beginning through his or her current achievements. This series is perfect for reluctant readers.


Name Size Format
Adrian Peterson: CCSS TG Adrian Peterson 159 KB PDF
Albert Pujols: CCSS TG Albert Pujols 156 KB PDF
Alex Rodriguez: CCSS TG Alex Rodriguez 158 KB PDF
*Amazing Athletes: Amazing Athletes 1.75 MB PDF
Annika Sorenstam: CCSS TG Annika Sorenstam 158 KB PDF
Dallas Friday: CCSS TG Dallas Friday 130 KB PDF
Danica Patrick, 2nd Edition: CCSS TG Kobe Bryant 157 KB PDF
Danica Patrick: CCSS TG Danica Patrick 158 KB PDF
Derek Jeter, 2nd Edition: CCSS TG Derek Jeter 159 KB PDF
Drew Brees (Revised Edition): CCSS TG Drew Brees 156 KB PDF
Dwyane Wade, 2nd Edition: CCSS TG Dwyane Wade 158 KB PDF
Peyton Manning, 3rd Edition: CCSS TG Peyton Manning 161 KB PDF
Roger Federer: CCSS TG Roger Federer 336 KB PDF
Ryan Howard: CCSS TG Ryan Howard 159 KB PDF
Shaun White: CCSS TG Graphing 144 KB PDF
Sidney Crosby: CCSS TG Sidney Crosby 138 KB PDF
Tony Romo: CCSS TG Tony Romo 146 KB PDF

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