eSource: It Happened to Me

Cover: Being Homeless: Stories from Survivors
  • Interest Level: Grade 6 - Grade 9

Sometimes, painful experiences happen. It Happened to Me explores painful life crises that affect many young people through poignant diary entries from composite teens who have experienced these situations, supported by informational text. Every year, more and more young people face life-changing situations, from drug and alcohol abuse to eating disorders, family breakups, and homelessness. Being young has never been more challenging. Using a unique in-their-own words approach, this series will strike a chord with many young people who are struggling with complex issues, and help those around them better understand how and why it has happened to them.

Name Size Format
Being Homeless: Teaching Guide 383 KB PDF
Being in a Gang: Teaching Guide 431 KB PDF
Going Through a Family Breakup: Teaching Guide 354 KB PDF
Having a Drug Addiction: Teaching Guide 370 KB PDF
Having an Alcohol Addiction: Teaching Guide 380 KB PDF
Having an Eating Disorder: Teaching Guide 419 KB PDF

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