eSource: Disaster Zone

Cover: The Science Behind Epic Earthquakes
  • Interest Level: Grade 5 - Grade 8

Earth—it’s a disaster zone! For thousands of years, Earth has been ravaged by enormous natural disasters with unthinkable destructive forces. From epic earthquakes and fearsome floods to hurricane horrors, mega tsunamis, raging wildfires, and super volcanoes, our planet and the people who live on it have been devastated by these deadly natural events. But what causes these awesome forces of nature and where in the world are they most likely to occur? Discover the science behind epic natural disasters, the world’s worst-ever disaster events, and the technology that scientists are using to help prevent devastating natural disasters of the future.

Name Size Format
The Science Behind Epic Earthquakes: Teaching Guide 940 KB PDF
The Science Behind Hurricane Horrors: Teaching Guide 405 KB PDF
The Science Behind Mega Tsunamis: Teaching Guide 396 KB PDF
The Science Behind Raging Wildfires: Teaching Guide 398 KB PDF
The Science Behind Super Floods: Teaching Guide 399 KB PDF
The Science Behind Supervolcanoes: Teaching Guide 391 KB PDF

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