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Spring 2023

Hidden Creature Features

Some animal features are easy to see—long tails, large wings, patterned fur, or sharp beaks. But look closer—you might be surprised by what you find! A penguin’s sharp beak hides a textured… Read More →

  • Dewey: 590
  • Copyright: 2023


“Page layouts are designed to first hint at the featured adaptation. When the page is turned, an intriguing body part is revealed, accompanied by an accessible explanation of how that part is used by the animal to eat, maneuver, defend, or attack.”—The Horn Book Magazine View →


“Young readers will love the question-and-answer format of the book as they turn pages and reveal surprising features . . .This book would interest young animal lovers, and it would be a helpful tool in teaching new and lesser-known facts about the world’s animals.… View →


“[G]ood choice for primary science units emphasizing diversity in the animal world.”—Booklist View →


“High marks for presentation and showy cast alike.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews View →