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Spring 2022

Where Have All the Birds Gone?: Nature in Crisis

Birds are disappearing. Birds are nature's essential workers, and they are crucial members of ecosystems around the world. Hummingbirds pollinate our flowers; cardinals munch on beetles,… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1030
  • Dewey: 639.9/78
  • Copyright: 2022


School Library Journal

“Scientist and naturalist Hirsch uses a clear and straightforward style to describe factors leading to the loss of three billion North American birds since 1970 and the meaning of such a catastrophic loss to the environment. . . . [E]asy to read and understand on many levels, including…



“Coverage of each topic smoothly incorporates history, science, case studies, and/or work being done to address the problem. . . . It’s impossible to read this and not recognize the seriousness of the problem, but Hirsch also highlights birds’ resilience when given a helping…


Kirkus Reviews

“This pithy book more than fulfills its promise to introduce readers to the importance of birds, the state of avian research, and how they can contribute to birds’ well-being. . . . Well-informed inspiration.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews