Discover Four Page-Turning New Novels for Young Adults from Carolrhoda Lab™

January 10, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, MN— Explore unexpected, eclectic, and adventurous new young adult novels from Carolrhoda Lab™, an imprint of Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group! With four new titles featuring a high-stakes local election, a prestigious private high school with a dark side, and a girl trying to get her brother back from Child Protective Services, these engrossing titles will thrill YA fans of all ages.

In Sasha Dawn’s psychological thriller Blink, Josh suspects that Chatham, a mysterious girl searching for her runaway sister, has something to do with a kidnapping that happened twelve years ago. But will he discover the truth in time? And does he really want to know what the truth is?

NoNieqa Ramos’s debut novel The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary features dictionary entries from A to Z by Macy Cashmere. Macy is classified as “disturbed” by her school. But she isn’t interested in how others see her. She’s got more pressing problems: a volatile family, Child Protective Services, law enforcement, and a best friend who isn’t telling her something very important. In a starred review, Booklist called Ramos “a voice to watch.”

Kiersi Burkhart’s young adult debut, Honor Code, follows Sam, a new student at the elite Edwards Academy. At first, Sam wants nothing more than to fit in. But when she learns the high cost of entry, will she bury the worst night of her life in order to keep the community “sacred"?

Troublemakers is Catherine Barter’s story of Alena, a girl searching to find her voice and the truth about her mother. When she was three, Alena’s activist mother died. Her half-brother raised her in East London, which is being targeted by a lone bomber. Now she lives with her brother and his boyfriend, who is working for a conservative local politician’s campaign. What sort of trouble is Alena willing to get into to find out the truth about her mother?

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About the Publisher
Carolrhoda Lab™ is dedicated to distinctive, provocative, boundary-pushing fiction for teens. From a Michael L. Printz Award Honoree to a National Book Award Finalist, Carolrhoda Lab novels probe and examine the young-adult condition one novel at a time, affording YA authors and readers an opportunity to explore and experiment with thoughts, ideas, and paradigms in the human condition.
Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, creates high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles for children and young adults.

May 2018
$17.99 Hardcover, Jacketed
eBooks Also Available
Ages 13–18
HC: 978-1-5124-3977-9
344 Pages ● 5 1/2 × 8 1/4

The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary
February 2018
$17.99 Hardcover, Jacketed
eBooks Also Available
Ages 14–18
HC: 978-1-5124-3976-2
344 Pages ● 5 1/2 × 8 1/4

Honor Code
March 2018
$17.99 Hardcover, Jacketed
eBooks Also Available
Ages 13–18
HC: 978-1-5124-2996-1
320 Pages ● 5 1/2 × 8 1/4

April 2018
$17.99 Hardcover, Jacketed
eBooks Also Available
Ages 12–18
HC: 978-1-5124-7549-4
360 Pages ● 5 1/2 × 8 1/4

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