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Librarian Prep List of Free Digital Books for Summer Reading or Distance Learning

June may seem far away. However, just in case you can't reach your local librarian for help with a summer reading program, we've made a quick list of some of our favorite digital resources. These are available for free through June 30, 2020. Of course, you don't have to wait until June. You could use any of these books right now as distance learning sources! View →


Help at Home, 4/1/20

This week, we have art lessons, several read-alouds, craft ideas, and much more! View →


Sheltering in Place: My Kids on Their Lives Now & Books They Recommend

Editorial Director Carol Hinz interviewed her kids, ages 6 and 9, about sheltering in place (and got some book recommendations.) View →


Help At Home, 3/25/20

We are continuing to use this space to share resources. This week, we have several read-alouds, DIY makerspace ideas, virtual field trips, and much more! View →


Hiring Freeze due to COVID-19

During this time we welcome your cover letter and resume for review. If you are selected as a candidate you will be contacted. View →


Help at Home, 3/18/20

As lifelong learners, we know we don't know everything. We are planning on using this space to share online resources that could help keep everyone learning and engaged as we navigate this unprecedented time. View →


The Design Behind Follow Those Zebras (and Online Zoo Visits)

We at Lerner recognize that the spread of COVID-19 and the need to practice social distancing during this time have made many routines, such as visiting a zoo or even going to school, unsafe. We plan on continuing to use this space to talk about books, but also share online resources that could help keep everyone learning and engaged. View →


A Spark of Inspiration: How Flash and Gleam Came to Be

For those who are stuck at home, I wanted to try to shed a little light on your day with this new book. I enjoy editing picture books because each one is different. And each one also comes about in a unique way, which makes it fun to ask, “Where did the idea for this book come from?” View →


If We Were Gone: Students Lead the Way

John Coy and Natalie Capannelli's new picture book, If We Were Gone: Imagining the World without People, is not your average picture book. In a review, Publishers Weekly called it a "disturbingly beautiful dystopian meditation." When John, Natalie, and those of us at Lerner were working on the book, we certainly didn't imagine that it would be released just as a global pandemic was spreading. View →


Lerner Digital Can Help You Plan for and Respond to School Closures

School districts facing closures due to coronavirus or other epidemics may have to look for ways to help their students continue to learn even during a relatively lengthy time away from their school building. Lerner Digital has elearning resources that could help. View →


Jeff Fleischer on Electability, Voter Suppression, Electronic Voting, and More

To celebrate the March release of the Zest Books YA nonfiction title Votes of Confidence, 2nd Edition: A Young Person’s Guide to American Elections, Ashley Kuehl asked Jeff Fleischer to explain some terms and trends we’re seeing in the news. View →


Tracking Pythons: Science Up Close

For her new middle-grade nonfiction book, Kate Messner made several trips to Florida and shadowed scientists as they worked. This enabled her to include lots of great sensory details as well as photos and videos of the scenes she describes. View →


Intern—Editorial (SUMMER 2020)

Assist Editorial teams with various projects while gaining hands-on experience in the publishing industry. View →


Librarian Prep List for Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month! Here’s a list of book display ideas or selections for your readers advisory group. View →


All of a Sudden and Forever

Trade Art Director Danielle Carnito shares some details of illustrator Nicole Xu’s visit to better understand the site of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. In fact, for the new nonfiction picture book, the author, illustrator, art director, and editor all visited the memorial, the museum, and the site. View →


Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Middle Grade and YA

Check out March new releases from Lerner Publishing Group! View →


New Digital Formats Deliver Your Favorites in Science, Sports, and Social Studies

From print to digital and beyond, we're working to reach readers of every skill level, ability, and interest. Let's take a look at what's now on offer in Audisee ebook with audio and audiobook formats. View →


Elizabeth Wein and Amber Lough on Women Soldiers In World Wars I and II

Young adult authors Elizabeth Wein and Amber Lough are here to talk to you about their research trip to Russia and about the role of women soldiers in World War I and II. View →


What IS a Pandemic?

Have you been asked about the possibility of a coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? We pulled together some resources to help you talk to kids, reduce the risk of transmission, and brush up on a little vocab. View →


Podcast Interview with Nina Crews

Today on The Lerner Podcast, we talk with Nina Crews, illustrator of A Girl Like Me, about how the book came to be, her hopes for young readers to continue making the world a better place, and artists whose children’s books she loves. View →


Picture Books + Social and Emotional Learning

CASEL concisely defines social and emotional learning as, “the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.” View →


Red Menace and the Historical Fiction Sweet Spot

Amy Fitzgerald, the Editorial Director of Carolrhoda Books, shares that she looks "for historical fiction that resonates with the present on more than a fashion level — making me feel simultaneously transported to foreign territory and more deeply connected to the problems, questions, and feelings of my own time." View →


Garfield’s Taking STEM by Storm

STEM, with its four branches—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—has been a mainstay topic at Lerner for decades. Our customers and readers can’t get enough, so it was a no-brainer for us to add more STEM-related books to our Spring 2020 season. With an irreverent, orange cat. And a few of his friends. View →


Where Have All the Bees Gone?

We may all be busy bees, but it may be time to take a break and read Rebecca Hirsch’s new book, Where Have All the Bees Gone? Why should we care? View →