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History and Sci-Fi Collide in New YA Graphic Novel Lizard in a Zoot Suit by Marco Finnegan

Lizard in a Zoot Suit, available now from Graphic Universe™, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group™, sends readers on an adventure through the streets of Los Angeles during the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943. This historical graphic novel by Marco Finnegan embraces timely topics of race and social unrest, but adds a sci fi twist making it a must-read for fans of E. T. and The Shape of Water. View →


5 Kinds of Nonfiction: Nonfiction Writers Dig Deep

Many teachers and students seem to think that writing nonfiction requires nothing more than doing some research and cobbling together a bunch of facts, but nothing could be further from the truth. To dispel this alarming myth, fifty of today’s most celebrated authors for children have come together to share a critical part of the nonfiction writing process that often goes unseen. The result is the illuminating anthology Nonfiction Writers Dig Deep: 50 Award-winning Children’s Book Authors Share the Secret of Engaging Writing View →


New Audisee and Audiobook Titles Bring The Natural World to Life

Here at Lerner, our Digital imprint is always looking for ways to deliver our award-winning educational content to audiences in all formats. Our enhanced eBooks are a great way to keep your students reading in the classroom and at home. Read on for a quick overview of new Audisee eBook with Audio and Audiobook titles out this fall. View →


A Bowl Full of Peace: An Illustration Timeline

Picture books aren’t that quick to make. Sure, there can be exceptions, but mostly they involve a lot of time and love and work. It can be years from start of a project to the book release, when you hope that thing you worked on for so long gets a good reception when it finally makes out into the world. I took a look back at events in the timeline of one of our new Fall picture books; A Bowl Full of Peace by Caren Stelson, illustrated by Akira Kusaka. View →


5 Kinds of Nonfiction: Sara Levine

We explore Expository Literature with Sara Levine, author of Eye by Eye: Comparing How Animals See. The playful picture book keeps readers guessing as they learn wonderfully weird and gross facts and find out how different animal’s eyes are like—and unlike—those of starfish, owls, slugs, and more! Keep reading to learn more about Sara’s process, and about Expository Literature and the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction. View →


Genomics and Covid-19, Emerging Research

This is a guest post by Whitney Stewart and Hans C. Andersson MD, co-authors of Genomics: A Revolution in Healthcare and Disease Discovery. To listen to Whitney and Dr. Andersson discuss Genomics and the importance of genetics and genomics to our modern lives, listen to their episode on The Lerner Podcast. View →


Q&A with Dan Jolley and Jacques Khouri, Creators of Mega-Dogs of New Kansas

We’re thrilled to introduce author Dan Jolley and cartoonist Jacques Khouri, the brilliant team behind the middle-grade graphic novel Mega-Dogs of New Kansas! View →


Librarian Prep Post for December

Leaves are falling off the trees, the air is crisp, and sweater season is in full swing. With winter right around the corner and the snow soon to fall, it’s high time for us to give you all the books you need to survive the ice. Grab a cup of cocoa, curl up by the fire, and check out our booklists and reader advisory for December! View →


5 Kinds of Nonfiction: Kao Kalia Yang

We begin our tour of the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction with Kao Kalia Yang. Her most recent picture book, The Most Beautiful Thing, draws from her childhood experiences as a Hmong refugee and offers a window into the life of a family with little money and a great deal of love. Read on to find out how important storytelling is to sharing the truth of nonfiction, and learn more about Narrative Nonfiction. View →


In Praise of Untidy Endings

One question I consider when I’m deciding whether I want to publish a book is “Does it have a satisfying resolution?” Satisfying can have many different meanings, but in general I want readers to walk away from a book feeling that they had a complete experience—that they weren’t left hanging or cheated out of the climactic moments they anticipated. View →


Accounting and Payroll Assistant

Assist with key accounting functions. View →


Creating a Garden : An Interview with Masha d’yans

Your belly is full of tiny creatures! A Garden in Your Belly: Meet the Microbes in Your Gut by Masha D’yans uses striking watercolors and lively text teach kids about the garden of microscopic flora growing inside them, how it keeps them healthy, and how they can help it thrive. View →


Ever After: The Perfect October Read

Full of vivid, colorful artwork, Olivia Vieweg’s YA horror graphic novel Ever After is a poetic take on an enduring genre. View →


Teaching Study Skills Webinar + Book Sweepstakes

Register for an educators-only interactive webinar from award-winning time management coach Leslie Josel and be entered to win copies of her new book for your school. View →


Introducing: 5 Kinds of Nonfiction with Melissa Stewart!

A guest post by Melissa Stewart Back in 2017, I proposed a five-category system for classifying children’s nonfiction on my blog, and the response was incredible. Teachers loved it. So did librarians and children’s book authors and editors. View →


Middle-Grade Graphic Novel Mega-Dogs of New Kansas by Dan Jolley Explores Themes of Bravery and Empathy on a Far-Flung Planet

Explore outer space with man’s best friend in Mega-Dogs of New Kansas, coming this fall from Graphic Universe™, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group™. Written by Dan Jolley and illustrated by Jacques Khouri, this sci-fi friendship story weaves humor and heart with a sensitive take on social anxiety. View →


Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Middle-Grade and Nonfiction

Check out October new releases from Lerner Publishing Group! View →


Monkey with a Tool Belt: Interview with a Young Fan

The original Monkey with a Tool Belt book by Chris Monroe came out in 2008, and I don’t think anyone who worked on that first book ever dreamed that twelve years later, we’d be on book #6 in the series and that there would be a show streaming on Netflix! View →


Do It Now! Teach Teens How to Stop Procrastinating with Expert Leslie Josel’s New Young Adult Book How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away

How to Do It Now Because It’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide to Getting Stuff Done teaches teens to manage their time and attention through everyday life and tough challenges alike. Written by internationally recognized academic/life coach Leslie Josel, this book motivates readers to stop procrastinating by providing them with digestible tips and tools from her sixteen plus years in the field. View →


New Young Adult Book She Represents by Caitlin Donohue Celebrates Feminism, Activism, and Social Change in Politics

Just in time for election season, She Represents: 44 Women Who Are Changing Politics . . . and the World written by Caitlin Donohue and published by Zest Books™, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group, sheds light on the motivations, goals, strengths, and even missteps of the most powerful women in the political sphere. View →


Librarian Prep Post for November

Whether returning to school, working from home, or anything in between, everyone is faced with the uncertainty of today’s world. We hope that, amid the craziness of this year, you have all kept good health and taken time to take care of the person that matters most: you! Hopefully, we can appease a little of the uncertainty with our booklists and reader advisory for November. View →


An Interview with Barbara Lowell, Author of “Behind the Bookcase”

Today we welcome Barbara Lowell to the blog to share her inspiration and hopes for her new picture book Behind the Bookcase: Miep Gies, Anne Frank, and the Hiding Place in which the story of Anne Frank is retold from the unique perspective of her protector, Miep Geis. View →


A Chat with She Represents Author Caitlin Donohue

In a complicated political era when the United States feels divided, women are being elected at record rates and government is beginning to more accurately reflect the people it represents. View →


Just For You! Coding Infographic

Did you know? Learning to code has other benefits for students beyond the technology aspect. Even if students don’t grow up to be programmers, learning to code also teaches them how to collaborate, communicate, think critically and logically, problem solve, edit, and pay attention to details. View →