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Cover: G.O.A.T. Basketball Power Forwards

G.O.A.T. Basketball Power Forwards

“The illustrated “Greatest of All Time” series offers readers with an interest in professional sports an opportunity to learn more about some of the finest athletes of all time. Each title in the series focuses on a particular position and then offers readers… View →


“Spielman’s excellent biography of the Master of Mime engages one from the outset by introducing young Marcel as he is raiding his father’s wardrobe to dress up as Charlie Chaplin and entertain neighbors on the streets of pre-World War II France. We see that Marceau was, from his… View →


“Yale Strom is an internationally-acclaimed musician and a professor at San Diego State University; he is also a gifted story-teller. His publisher, Kar-Ben, specializes in Jewish-themed children’s books, and the collaboration here of writer, artist, and publisher is ideal. View →

Cover: The Shabbat Princess

The Shabbat Princess

“This isn’t your typical spoiled princess book; you know the contemporary fairy tale versions in which Cinderella becomes a princess without paying any dues first. Contemporary princess just stamps her little feet and gets what she wants. Nope, this book shows a family… View →