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Cover: The Bookshop Mice

The Bookshop Mice

“Spreading the love and magic of books and friendship, one mouse at a time. . . A delightful homage to the inspirational power of books that also asks readers to be kind to new friends.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Forsooth


“A funny and thoughtful exploration of middle school relationships.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Reimagining Police: The Future of Public Safety

Reimagining Police: The Future of Public Safety

“Readers learn about methods of reform and possible strategies for crime prevention and community building. . . Informative and rousing.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Nature's Rule Breakers: Creatures That Don't Fit In

Nature's Rule Breakers: Creatures That Don't Fit In

“Not your ordinary display of interesting and appealing animals, this offering has an important message for young readers and the adults who care for them. For in-betweeners everywhere.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Breakthrough: Katalin Karikó and the mRNA Vaccine

Breakthrough: Katalin Karikó and the mRNA Vaccine

“The work shines most when elucidating the long path to scientific discovery, including the many failed experiments and minor discoveries that necessarily precede breakthroughs. A stimulating and accessible foray into recent scientific history.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: The Denim Diaries: A Memoir

The Denim Diaries: A Memoir

“This memoir, enhanced by the author’s sketches, is both original and moving—but not for the faint of heart. In often graphic detail, beautiful turns of phrase quickly become hard-cornered truths, providing a poetic roadmap from self-doubt to self-hate and, finally,… View →

Cover: Doña Gracia Saved Worlds

Doña Gracia Saved Worlds

“May start conversations about being true to oneself and working for a community. Quiet but strong.”―Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Odwar vs. the Shadow Queen

Odwar vs. the Shadow Queen

“The Kenyan lore weaves a stunning background for the internal and external battles that unfold within and between Odwar and the Shadow Queen. . . . An adventure of strength and compassion.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Sensitive


“This story highlights the importance of taking control of a narrative as well as the healing power of artistic pursuits . . . A healing, positive assertion.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Dino-Hanukkah


“The vivid digital illustrations depict wonderfully energetic, expressive cartoonish dinos bursting with lively good cheer. A high-spirited holiday charmer.” —Kirkus Review View →

Cover: Rajiv's Starry Feelings

Rajiv's Starry Feelings

“[A]n inspiring story that links astral wonders to everyday emotions. . . . A meditative, moving tale that will spur readers to make sense of their own feelings.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Home for Grace

Home for Grace

“Grace’s story is nuanced, and readers will appreciate the depth of emotion conveyed by the illustrations. These provide an entry for conversation about the complexities of poverty, trauma, emigration, and inadequate support for unhoused people.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Olive


“Along with giving budding critical skills a workout by inviting comparisons with the original, this inspired take on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ is sure to plant seeds of thought about how ‘big’ and ‘little’ are relative notions. A heady spin, rich View →

Cover: A Wild, Wild Hanukkah

A Wild, Wild Hanukkah

“A madcap Hanukkah celebration for a skillful reader.”―Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: The Mexican Dreidel

The Mexican Dreidel

“A heartwarming story celebrating friendship across cultural lines.”―Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Mrs. Maccabee's Miracle

Mrs. Maccabee's Miracle

“A welcome and cozy take on the Hanukkah story.”―Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: The Power of Snow

The Power of Snow

“Cool! Snow really has the power to wow—and teaches math, too.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Melody Queen

Melody Queen

“[T]he book highlights entrenched biases in the film industry while also being a fun, breezy read. Much ado about Bollywood in this glamour-filled story featuring strong characterization.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Timothy Dinoman and the Attack of the Dancing Machines: Book 2

Timothy Dinoman and the Attack of the Dancing Machines: Book 2

“A high-octane adventure fueled by humor, whimsy, and teamwork.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Strikers: A Graphic Novel

Strikers: A Graphic Novel

“Persistence in the face of defeat and disappointment defines a season of sports and adolescent life.” —Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: All the Things We Never Said

All the Things We Never Said

“[P]oignantly realistic. Honestly portrays the dark parts of life—and shows that there is hope.” —starred, Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: George and Tao

George and Tao

“[T]his cozy tale is ideal bedtime fare. A darling ode to friendship.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid

“A notable story about taking the time to appreciate all the wonders around us.”—Kirkus Reviews View →

Cover: Picnic Planet: A Lunchtime Guide to Your Galaxy's Exoplanets

Picnic Planet: A Lunchtime Guide to Your Galaxy's Exoplanets

“Too far to go in a spaceship but just right for a flight of imagination.”—Kirkus Reviews View →