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“Now that Marcy can read, the duty of asking the four questions at the seder passes to her. But the preternaturally inquisitive Marcy is under the impression that the responsibility involves asking any four questions. Which she does: ‘How many matzah balls are in Grandma’s chicken soup? Why does Uncle Benjy always fall asleep during the Seder? Are worms kosher for Passover? Is horseradish made from horses?’ Florian’s warm-hued, bighearted cartooning portrays a loving, close-knit family, and Burk depicts the family’s reaction to Marcy as affirming and good-humored. They applaud Marcy’s curiosity, provide satisfying answers (although Uncle Benjy insists he’s only resting his eyes), and the seder moves merrily along. It’s clearly not the first seder for Marcy’s family, so it’s unlikely that she wouldn’t know that the four questions don’t involve extemporization. But Passover is a celebration of freedom, and that includes the liberty to take a small detour into shared silliness.” —Publishers Weekly

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