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Cover: A Concert in the Sand

“This fictional account of the first performance by what was to become the Israel Philharmonic
Orchestra (IPO), in December 1936, features presumably Hebrew-speaking Uri and his Germanspeaking
grandmother. She plucks Uri from a day of boredom and leads him through Tel-Aviv with
an undisclosed destination. He wonders about his grandmother’s intentions and thoughts along
their wordless journey, as they observe a growing parade of people heading in the same direction,
including some ‘carrying funny-shaped cases.’ When the crowd ultimately gathers at a beach side
auditorium, musical instruments emerge from those cases and musicians begin to play, under the
direction of Grandma’s friend, ‘Mr. Huberman,’ and conducted by Arturo Toscanini. The musical
experience is filled with magic for Uri and emotion for Grandma. An historical note includes two
photographs from the era, and an explanation of how violinist Bronislaw Huberman, recognizing the
dangerous Nazi expulsion of Jewish musicians from German orchestras, traveled through Europe
to assemble 70 top Jewish musicians and create the IPO. The soft pen and ink illustrations include
clever nods to Jewish literature and culture in Hebrew lettering in street scenes, and beautifully
compliment Uri’s adventure through the city. The story is sure to inspire further exploration of this
momentous event and fascinating history of the IPO.”—Association of Jewish Libraries

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A Concert in the Sand
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