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Cover: The Cricket and the Ant: A Shabbat Story

“This book was originlly published in Hebrew under the title Can You Spare a Grain of Sugar? by a well-known Israeli children’s author and is a best seller in Israel. It is an adaptation of one of Aesop’s Fables.

A happy little cricket sings all week long until Friday morning, when he oversleeps and realizes Shabbat is coming. Then he has to bake and his cupboard is bare. He decides to solve his problem by borrowing ingredients from his neighbor, the ant. When a disaster comes to the ant, the cricket comes to her rescue. The author uses cute rhyming text to tell the story.

Children ages 3 to 8 will absorb the lessons about thinking ahead when Shabbat is coming, sharing with a neighbor and seeing that there are different kinds of neighborliness.

Tel Aviv-born Naomi Ben-Gur has written over 40 children’s books and is a children’s book editor for an Israeli publisher. Shahar Kober is an Israeli illustrator of over 30 children’s books and provides whimsical, bright-colored illustrations for this book.”—Jewish Book Council

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The Cricket and the Ant: A Shabbat Story
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  • Soon! Spring 2021
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