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Cover: The Art Lesson: A Shavuot Story

“What could be better to bring home the meaning of a Jewish holiday, especially the spring harvest holiday of Shavuot, which shows God’s gift of Torah to the Jewish people, than a book about making art! Shavuot is usually celebrated either by staying up one night of Shavuot studying Torah and/or by creating an art work. This book is about the making of paper cuts depicting various aspects of the holiday and the authors and illustrator show how it can be done. Grandma J is an art teacher who is totally proficient in creating paper cuts of magnificent design. She shares her skill and her love of art with her granddaughter, Shoshana, as they create special designs for Shavuot and skills for a lifetime of creativity. The technique is demonstrated in a series of colorful pictures illustrating the text. A nice touch is that the creation of several pieces are all learned as the reader watches the process of the girl growing up, who later shares what she has learned with her own granddaughter. It is a colorful book with many dimensions and filled with imagination. Don’t be surprised if it inspires creativity in the reader, as well.”—Jewish Book Council

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The Art Lesson: A Shavuot Story
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