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Cover: Talia and the Haman-tushies

“In this next installment in this picture book series about misheard words and Jewish life, Talia visits her Grandma around Purim time, and Grandma tells her the story of Purim while they make Hamantaschen together. Talia thinks Grandma has called them ‘Haman-tushies,’ which she plans never to eat because they sound so yucky. Much to her relief, Grandma sets her straight in the end, explaining that they really are ‘Haman’s pockets,’ and Talia and her grandmother then enjoy the delicious cookies together.

Grandma’s version of the Purim story is very simple, leaving out all the potentially unpleasant parts about Queen Vashti and about how Haman was hanged in the end. The meaning of the story comes through though, and this version would be appropriate for children ages 4 to 8.

The illustrations, which appear to have been made from paintings, are clear with a cheerful palette and make the story easy to follow for young children. There is also a recipe for Hamantaschen at the end, which would be a great follow-through activity for young readers and their adult companions.”—Jewish Book Council

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Talia and the Haman-tushies
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