eSource: Can I Sit in the Middle?

Cover: Can I Sit in the Middle?
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Kindergarten

This read-together board book is a snowballing narrative of animal chaos that culminates in story time under a blanket tent.

Everyone’s on the sofa to share a book: zebra, cat, child, lion. “Wait!” says zebra, “Stork isn’t here yet!” Then cat needs a cushion, hamster’s missing, someone’s sitting on lion’s tail, fish wants to be in the middle . . . . NOW they’ll be able to start—won’t they?

In this fun, humorous story, the familiar chaos of piling onto the sofa with friends builds to a climactic hullabaloo until the happy ending of sharing a book in an ideal reading spot—behind the sofa under the blanket tent.

Susanne Strasser’s snowballing animal stories that children love are bestsellers in multiple languages.

“A standout board book.”—Youth Services Book Review

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