eSource: Crime Science

Cover: Cold Case Closed: Using Science to Crack Cold Cases
  • Interest Level: Grade 5 - Grade 8

There is a science behind solving crime, and this series explains it!

Readers will discover how the latest science and technology is used to crack cybercrime, understand criminal psychology, close cold cases, and much more in this exciting exploration of the criminal world. From using forensics to hunt killers to relying on state-of-the-art technology to foil terror plots and stop espionage, this illuminating series will shine a spotlight on the scientific masterminds behind solving crime.

Name Size Format
Cold Case Closed: Teaching Guide 1.53 MB PDF
Hunting a Hacker: Teaching Guide 1.47 MB PDF
Profiling a Criminal: Teaching Guide 1.46 MB PDF
Spy Stalkers: Teaching Guide 1.43 MB PDF
Terror Alert: Teaching Guide 1.55 MB PDF
Tracking a Killer: Teaching Guide 1.39 MB PDF

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