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Cover: The Color of Sound
  • Interest Level: Grade 6 - Grade 8

Twelve-year-old Rosie is a musical prodigy whose synesthesia allows her to see music in colors.

She’s never told anyone this, though. She already stands out more than enough as a musical “prodigy” who plays better than most adults. Rosie’s mom expects her to become a professional violinist. But this summer, Rosie refuses to play.

She wants to have a break. To make friends and discover new hobbies. To find out who she would be if her life didn’t revolve around the violin.

So instead of attending a prestigious summer music camp, Rosie goes with her mom to visit her grandparents. Grandma Florence’s health is failing, Grandpa Jack doesn’t talk much, and Rosie’s mom is furious with her for giving up the violin. But Rosie is determined to make the most of her “strike.” And when she meets a girl who seems distinctly familiar, she knows this summer will be unlike any other.

With help from a mysterious glitch in time—plus her grandparents, an improv group, and a new instrument—Rosie uncovers secrets that change how she sees her family, herself, and the music that’s always been part of her.

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