eSource: Every Body's Talking

Cover: Every Body's Talking: What We Say without Words
  • Interest Level: Grade 4 - Grade 8

Are you nervous about your presentation at school tomorrow? Or about going onstage for the school play? What about trying out for the baseball team? Try standing like a superhero for a few seconds before you start. Research shows that standing like a hero makes you feel—and act—like one!

Humans use words to communicate, but we also use our bodies to send messages. We may shrug our shoulders to show we don’t care, or open our eyes wide in surprise, or give the thumbs up to show we approve of something. But did you know that giving the thumbs up in Greece is pretty rude? Or that nodding your head—which means “yes” in the United States and Canada—actually means “no” in the European countries of Albania and Bulgaria?

Every Body’s Talking explores the complexities of body language. Discover what is really being expressed when people stand, sit, or move in certain ways and learn how you can use your body and facial expressions to communicate more effectively in a variety of situations.

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