eSource: The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist!

Cover: The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist!
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 2

An exuberant read aloud story about a school trip outdoors with rhyming word play and madcap energy, set against the quiet observant Liam. From the award-winning creators of That’s Not a Hippopotamus.

It’s the class trip to Dismal Hills wilderness. The children aren’t worried about the legendary Grizzled Grist who lives here; they’re excited to show off their outdoor skills—foraging, climbing, trapping and hiking. No one’s impressed with quiet and observant Liam’s skill of hiding. But it turns out a hider can see what others think does not exist.

A hider moves with soundless ease and treads as softly as the breeze.
At times, a hider barely breathes—but what is this the hider sees?

When the children and their frazzled teacher walk confidently into disaster, observant Liam saves the day—a triumph for the quiet child no one notices.

This clever rhyming story for children aged 2 to 7 years features humor and call and refrain wordplay that will entertain toddlers, preschoolers and early readers. Children delight in spotting the elusive Grizzled Grist and identify with sweet Liam, the quiet but observant boy who no one listens to. Sarah Davis’s charming and lively illustrations tell a different story about where Liam and the Grist are hiding on every page. Perfect for reading together again and again as a family, in the school classroom or independently, this picture book features a cast of diverse characters and funny and curious children.

New Zealand born Juliette MacIver is the author of 19 much-loved picture books. She is studying part-time for a Master’s degree in Linguistics. Her popular books are regularly shortlisted for awards.

Sarah Davis has illustrated more than 30 books. She has won and been shortlisted for numerous awards in Australia and New Zealand.

Praise for The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist!

“A bouncy read-aloud that will tickle children and adults alike.”—Kirkus Reviews

“An enchanting and triumphant tale for early-years adventurers, bursting with wonderment and the diversity of people, skills and nature.”—Books + Publishing

“Hilarious with lots to spot.”—Stuff, Best Books of 2022

“If you can write a book in which the phrase “It’s finis diem!” successfully rhymes with “He’s eaten Liam!” then I will be your friend for life.”—School Library Journal

“[T]his picture book is one of the best of the year.”—Bob’s Book Blog

“[T]he rhyme and rhythm, and playfulness of this story . . . is a skill MacIver works into all her books.”—Book Trailers 4 Kids and YA

“Juliette MacIver is so far ahead of the pack when it comes to perfect, lip-smacking rhyming books.”—The Sapling

“[E]very page is a visual delight.”—NZ Booklovers

“[A] perfect marriage of comic verse, cute rhymes and hilarious illustrations—destined to be a well-thumbed classic of tomorrow.”—The Source

“A celebration of the quiet child in the class who participates on the fringes of events or play, and notices what others don’t.”—What Book Next?

“With a bouncy rhyming cadence and humor, Juliette MacIver reminds us how important it is to listen to the quiet child as Sarah Davis’ vibrant illustrations take readers deep into the wilderness.”—Politics & Prose

Praise for That’s Not a Hippopotamus
“Good-natured, funny, and a fabulous readaloud to groups of kids.”—School Library Journal

“Will bring smiles to your face and cheers to your lips! Kids will ask for it again and again just for the pure joy of joining in the hippo hunt.”—Storywraps

“A fantastic romp to read aloud, wonderful to share so the nuances in the illustrations can be fully appreciated. Recommended.”—Magpies Magazine

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