eSource: A Long Way from Home

Cover: A Long Way from Home
  • Interest Level: Grade 5 - Grade 8

Twelve-year-old Abby has a lot to worry about: Climate change. The news. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And now moving to Florida for her mom’s new job at an aerospace company.

On the Space Coast, Abby meets two boys, Adam and Bix, who tell her they’re “a long way from home” and need her help. Abby discovers they’re from the future, from a time when all the problems of the 21st century have been solved. Thrilled, Abby strikes a deal with them: She’ll help them—if they let her come to the future with them. But soon Abby is forced to question her attachment to a perfect future and her complicated feelings about the present.

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A Long Way from Home: Activities and Questions 2.55 MB PDF
A Long Way from Home: Discussion Guide 204 KB PDF

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