eSource: The Art of Magic

Cover: The Art of Magic: A Novel
  • Interest Level: Grade 4 - Grade 7

A pack of paints, a set of pens, and unlimited creativity throw two friends into an enchanted, fast-paced adventure.

ZuZu’s first summer without her best friend is looking pretty grim, until she meets new kid Andrew at a visit to the historic Mapleton Mansion. Together they stumble upon some enchanted art supplies and discover that the shapes they draw and paint can come to life. Their creations are harmless—but ZuZu and Andrew aren’t the only ones with access to magic.

Soon, nightmarish half-machine, half-living creatures begin appearing around town, controlled by a power-hungry “caster” with a sinister mission. It’s up to ZuZu and Andrew to use their newfound abilities to protect their community.

Name Size Format
The Art of Magic: Discussion Guide 101 KB PDF
The Art of Magic: Scribble Art Project 2.66 MB PDF

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