eSource: Energy Evolutions

Cover: Biomass Energy
  • Interest Level: Grade 5 - Grade 9

The energy industry is evolving—and fast. Find out why fossil fuels are being fast-tracked into history and how cleaner, greener, and science-smart energy is helping us build a sustainable future. This exciting and informative science series explores the harm fossil fuels have caused our planet and explains why it is so important that we replace them with sustainable energy. Discover the very latest, cutting-edge science and technology that is allowing the energy industry to undergo a green revolution to make tomorrow’s world a more energy-smart place.

Name Size Format
Biomass Energy: Teaching Guide 559 KB PDF
Fracking: Teaching Guide 487 KB PDF
Geothermal Energy: Teaching Guide 564 KB PDF
Nuclear Energy: Teaching Guide 545 KB PDF
Solar Power: Teaching Guide 513 KB PDF
Wind Power: Teaching Guide 472 KB PDF

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