eSource: Georgie Dupree

Cover: Sharing the Stage: Georgie Dupree
  • Interest Level: Kindergarten - Grade 3

The Georgie Dupree series is for new and emerging readers, featuring a vibrant Black elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities. The series teaches children how to solve their own problems in everyday situations. Georgie is a character that children want to root for because her stories are relatable and there are valuable lessons weaved in. Readers are introduced to Georgie when she moves to a new city and taps into a creative passion to make new friends. The books teach resilience, self-confidence, and the power of positivity.

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*Georgie Dupree: Coloring Page 206 KB PDF
Classroom Confidence: Teaching Guide 7.22 MB PDF
Drawn to Friends: Teaching Guide 5.41 MB PDF

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