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  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 1

Phoebe is nervous about reading—she is embarrassed that she will say things wrong, so she just doesn’t read at all.

“Phoebe worried when she didn’t know the sound of a letter. And letters that were joined together made her freeze.”

When Mrs. Spinelli’s class goes on a field trip to the animal shelter to practice reading, Phoebe is paired with Big Boo, a rescue dog, who is scared of her like she’s scared of reading.

But when she starts reading, Big Boo and Phoebe form an incredible connection and the two turn their fears into a positive experience. “Phoebe kept reading. When she got stuck, Big Boo didn’t mind one bit.”

A heart-warming tale that acknowledges a child’s anxiety and fear over reading and turns it around. A true celebration of the joy of reading and friendship.

“I think this is a beautiful heart warming story about the beginning of a trusting bond.”—books_for_boys

“An adorable sweet book for kids who need a little help with reading and building confidence, and for all those who love dogs.”—ragamuffin.books

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