eSource: Summer Camp Science Mysteries

Cover: The Whispering Lake Ghosts: A Mystery about Sound
  • Interest Level: Grade 3 - Grade 6

Camp Dakota sure is full of mysteries. A group of friends at summer camp use science concepts to solve a mystery in each of these full-color graphic novels. The stories illustrate problem-solving thought processes and integrate third- through fifth-grade science concepts, while sidebar panels supplement dialogue with additional science information. Written by a science educator and illustrated by animators and graphic artists, these engaging mysteries will help readers to recognize how science can be applied in real-world situations.

Name Size Format
*Summer Camp Science Mysteries: Research and Present a Folktale 1.64 MB PDF
In Search of the Fog Zombie: CCSS TG In Search of the Fog Zombie 165 KB PDF
In Search of the Fog Zombie: Experiments 637 KB PDF
The Great Space Case: Experiments 548 KB PDF
The Hunt for Hidden Treasure: CCSS TG The Hunt for Hidden Treasure 158 KB PDF
The Hunt for Hidden Treasure: Experiments 814 KB PDF
The Missing Cuckoo Clock: Experiments 474 KB PDF
The Nighttime Cabin Thief: Experiments 635 KB PDF
The Werewolf Chase: CCSS TG The Werewolf Chase 159 KB PDF
The Werewolf Chase: Experiments 513 KB PDF
The Whispering Lake Ghosts: Experiments 632 KB PDF
The Yucky Duck Rescue: Experiments 622 KB PDF

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