eSource: First Step Nonfiction — Plant Life Cycles

Cover: Pumpkins
  • Interest Level: Kindergarten - Grade 2

Readers will have a close-up view of plant life through the detailed photographs in this series. The images show a variety of plants, uncovering the secrets of how roots sprout from seeds, tubers, and bulbs and following the young plants through to maturity. Illustrated diagrams sum up the process by showing the complete life cycle of each plant.

Name Size Format
*First Step Nonfiction — Plant Life Cycles: 9780822547860 484 KB PDF
Apple Trees: CCSS TG Apple Trees - Life Cycle 153 KB PDF
Dandelions: CCSS TG Dandelions - Life Cycles 151 KB PDF
Pumpkins: CCSS TG Pumpkins - Life cycles 373 KB PDF
Strawberries: CCSS TG Strawberries- Life Cycle 150 KB PDF
Sunflowers: CCSS TG Sunflowers - Life cycle 148 KB PDF
Tomatoes: CCSS TG Tomatoes - Life Cycle 180 KB PDF

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