eSource: Dandy and Dazza

Cover: Dandy and Dazza
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 1

Dandy and Dazza are different in so many ways. Dandy is a best-in-show sort of hound. Dazza is a rough-and-tumble sort of mongrel. Can these very different dogs EVER be friends?

“Dandy was a five-star food sort of hound. Dazza was an old bones sort of mongrel.”

Engaging, colorful illustrations take the reader on a laugh-out-loud romp with these two lively, different dogs. Dandy likes to walk at heel whereas Dazza likes to roll in puddles. Dazza likes to chase wildly and Dandy sits still. This continues UNTIL Dandy just has to join in! But what on earth happens when these two playful pups decide to join forces?

A perfect story to celebrate differences and friendship and sowing the all-important seed that good friends don’t need to have the same qualities or like the same things.

“This is a really sweet story that celebrates differences and shows that we can learn from others. My children are big fans!”—storiesforlittleones

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