eSource: Votes of Confidence, 2nd Edition

Cover: Votes of Confidence, 2nd Edition: A Young Person's Guide to American Elections
  • Interest Level: Grade 6 - Grade 12

Every two years, media coverage of American elections turns into a horse-race story about who’s leading the polls and who said what when.

Give young adult readers clear explanations about how our election process actually works, why it matters, and how they can become involved. Using real-world examples and anecdotes, this book provides readers with thorough, nonpartisan explanations about primaries, the electoral college, checks and balances, polls, fundraising, and more. Updated with facts, figures, and analysis, this edition provides the next generation of voters with essential guidance about the past, present, and future of American elections.

“[A] very readable, engaging, and entertaining history of American elections and politics for young people. Highly recommended.”—starred, Booklist

“Fleischer presents a potentially didactic subject matter in a digestible and organized manner. Recommended for middle to high school students, educators, and others interested in becoming civically informed and engaged.”—School Library Journal

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